Marvel Isn’t the First Major Franchise to Cast Richard E. Grant in a ‘Mystery Role’

Being cast in a “secret role” for a popular franchise can potentially turn into a living hell for an actor. Richard E. Grant has been respected for so long as an actor, it probably feels strange to him to keep major secrets for two of the biggest movie franchises of all time.

In the midst of being nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar last year for Can You Ever Forgive Me?, Grant managed to land substantial roles in The Rise of Skywalker, plus in the much-anticipated Disney+ series Loki.

Both of these were highly secretive roles, including the latter one still a huge unknown. With that, is Grant one who can easily keep secrets, or will he be like Tom Holland who can’t help but blab?

Richard E. Grant kept his Star Wars role a secret

Richard E. Grant smiling
Richard E. Grant | Lia Toby/Getty Images

Even though Grant’s role as Allegiant General Pryde was a relatively sideline role, it was still a major villain reveal. Considering it was also an all-new villain, Grant likely had to keep the part under wraps for a couple of years.

He never gave it away, despite likely being prodded in more than one interview. One reason he was likely able to keep it quiet is that he’s a veteran actor who understands the value of keeping secrets. Not that he’s really appeared in any major franchises throughout his career until now.

While he’s done some sci-fi in movies and TV over the years, appearing in Star Wars and a Marvel streaming show had basically changed his pedigree as an actor. Some might say it’s Disney/Marvel’s penchant for recruiting the very best actors into their inner circle.

The big question is whether Grant can keep the secret of who he plays in Loki. Ironically, Tom Hiddleston might have already given it away.

Did Tom Hiddleston reveal Richard E. Grant plays Old Loki?

During an awards speech a while back, Tom Hiddleston revealed Grant looked like Loki’s dad. Well, we know Odin is Loki’s real father, so Hiddleston was apparently just remarking on how much he and Grant look alike.

Maybe it was a hint Grant will play Old Loki, a real incarnation of Loki seen in Marvel comic books. This character existed in an alternate universe where he becomes a nefarious king.

The thought is Loki will go into the future to try to thwart his own evil older self from doing worse things. Prospects for this are more than a little interesting since Hiddleston and Grant are excellent actors.

It sounds almost Shakespearean imagining young Loki trying to outwit his older self played by Grant. Territory like this is why many are so excited about the upcoming Marvel Disney+ shows. So far, thankfully, Grant has zipped his lip on spilling secrets.

Can Tom Holland learn from Richard E. Grant in keeping secrets?

Perhaps it’ll be tougher for Grant to keep the Loki secrets considering production delays may occur due to Coronavirus concerns. As a result, the show might not debut until later in 2021.

Having to maintain clandestine plot points for months longer may drive Grant crazy, outside of always being a pro in keeping mum. If he and Tom Holland happen to meet up somewhere, maybe Grant can give the former some tips on how to maintain plot secrets without feeling compelled to blab them.

Holland has become the butt of jokes about having a compulsion to tell audiences/reporters things he shouldn’t. Most attribute this to Holland being younger and unable to temper his excitement about being a renowned international superstar as Spider-Man.