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Marvel’s Moon Knight trailer featured a panicked Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector. Marvel fans saw glimpses of pyramids, Egypt, and a strange bird-like figure frantically stalking toward the hero in an elevator. In Moon Knight, Khonshu, the Egyptian god that gives Marc Spector his powers, might stand as the most important character in the Disney+ show. And Marvel hid a first look at the ancient god in three seconds of the Moon Knight trailer.

Marvel's 'Moon Knight' Khonshu walking towards Oscar Isaac in the Disney+ trailer
Khonshu walking towards Oscar Isaac in ‘Moon Knight’ | Marvel

Where is the first look at Khonshu in the ‘Moon Knight’ trailer?

Marvel hides references and Easter eggs in every trailer, like how fans thought the Eternals trailer included an Avengers: Age of Ultron reference.

At around the 44-second mark of the Moon Knight trailer, Oscar Isaac’s character peers down a dark hallway when a flash reveals the first look at Khonshu’s figure. He stands with a bird-like face and a towering staff with a crescent moon mounted at the top.

Isaac’s hero shrinks into the corner of an elevator as Khonshu hobbles toward him, stopping the doors from closing.

However, it turns out to be an older lady, and he makes a flat excuse about searching for a contact lens on the ground.

However, Khonshu’s appearance in the Moon Knight trailer excited fans more than Kingpin returning in Hawkeye.

In Marvel Comics ‘Moon Knight,’ who is Khonshu?

Black Panther has Bast, the Eternals have the Celestials, and Moon Knight has Khonshu.

Khonshu belonged to a pantheon of gods, even calling Black Panther’s Bast his brother.

Marvel’s take on Khonshu does not have the most heroic ambitions. He chose a mortal avatar in Avengers #35 (2020) to antagonize an early incarnation of the Earth’s mightiest heroes. He even started the Cult of Khonshu, which some fans suspect actor Ethan Hawke’s mysterious character to lead.

In the comics, after the mercenary Raul Bushman mortally wounds Marc Spector, archaeologist Marlene Alraune lies his body below a statue of Khonshu. The god strikes a deal with Marc. He can revive him in exchange for his services.

Moon Knight and Khonshu have long fought on the same side, but the god has pulled devious schemes to overtake Marc’s body and even helped him steal the power of several Avengers, like Doctor Strange and Thor.

In the Disney+ show, Marc Spector seems to fear the Egyptian god

Stan Lee and Marvel Comics, in general, loved their Jekyll-and-Hyde-type characters. Bruce Banner grappled with the Hulk, Eddie Brock has a strange relationship with his Venom symbiote, and Marc Spector has the Moon Knight taking him out on vigilante missions.

Marc Spector has dissociative identity disorder, which comes out as millionaire Steven Grant, cab driver Jake Lockley, and more.


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His deal with Khonshu added Moon Knight to the mix, blurring his identity even further.

In the Moon Knight trailer, fans see Oscar Isaac’s hero jumping from a confident vigilante to the panicked Marc Spector. And fans cannot wait to see how he handles it all.

The series debuts on March 30, 2022.