Marvel ‘Spider-Man 3’: Why Some Fans Think Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye Will Appear Alongside Tom Holland

Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) and Spider-Man (Tom Holland) share very little screen time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They fought on opposite sides in Captain America: Civil War, but they had no significant interaction. Some fans think that may change next year. 

Spider-Man 3 is slated to come out sometime in 2021, and that would supposedly happen close to the release date of the Disney+ Hawkeye series. The only caveat here is that the COVID-19 pandemic has upended release schedules, so Spider-Man 3 and Hawkeye may not take place so close to each other. 

The Hawkeye/Spider-Man Timeline might be altered

Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye
Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe | Marvel Studios

On a Reddit thread where fans discuss the third MCU Spider-Man movie, one fan suggests Hawkeye could show up, writing: “Hawkeye actually might be the best guess I’ve seen so far. It would also help sell his show, which should be releasing within a few months following the release of Spidey 3. Could even have Kate Bishop in a post credits scene.” Kate Bishop is a young woman whom Hawkeye would be training.

This theory operates on the timeline of release dates we had before the pandemic. Disney/Marvel has already shifted its entire Phase 4 slate, pushing each movie back three or four months.

Spider-Man 3 was not included in that announcement because Sony is responsible for distributing that movie. It had been scheduled to come out in July 2021, and Hawkeye had been scheduled to release late in the same year. 

No announcement has been made about Spider-Man 3, nor about any of the Disney+ shows. However, the pandemic has shut down production in Hollywood, and the third Spider-Man movie probably wouldn’t make its production start this July as planned.  With all the release dates changing, both Spider-Man 3 and Hawkeye would almost certainly be pushed back as well. This is where Marvel’s famous inter-connectivity may not be such a benefit. 

Who else might Spider-Man team up with? 

The Reddit thread is based on the idea that another Marvel hero always shows up in Spider-Man’s movies. In Homecoming, it was Iron Man. In Far From Home it was Nick Fury (or at least what appeared to be Nick Fury). Fans reckon that Spider-Man 3, whatever it ends up being called, will follow the same pattern. 

One fan suggests: “The name jumping out at me is Sam Wilson. Sam’s gonna be going through his own transition in the short term, but by the time SM3 comes around, it could make sense for him to be stepping up into a role like this ,,, Sam’s deeply informed and experienced in how to help someone dealing with grief and going through some s***. So that could be a strong theme of their relationship, with Peter still moving forward past Tony’s death, but in turn, Sam dealing with Steve now being gone.

There has even been speculation, from major comic fan Kevin Smith, no less, that Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock would make his first appearance in an MCU movie. It would most likely be as Murdock rather than Daredevil, but either way, fans would be thrilled to see a Marvel/Netflix character revived in an MCU movie. 

What will ‘Spider-Man 3’ be about?

All these talks step around an even more impactful question: What, exactly would Spider-Man 3 be about? Obviously, it would deal with Spider-Man’s secret identity being revealed by J. Jonah Jameson, but there has been no definite news about the plot of the third movie, other than Holland promising the movie would be amazing, as is his enthusiastic habit. 

Some fans have guessed the villain in the third movie would be Kraven the Hunter, a maniacal big game hunter who aims to have Spidey as his latest trophy. One fan on Reddit suggests: “If he’s being hunted by Kraven I could see like Bucky or Clint being a part of it since they’re marksmen and more grounded heroes. Could also see Black Panther for sure -> spider man escapes to Wakanda and then there’s a jungle environment for the hunt.”

We’ll find out as 2021 gets closer- just maybe not as soon as fans hope.