A Marvel vs. DC Crossover Probably Won’t Happen (Anytime Soon), Fans Predict

The battle of Marvel vs. DC has raged for quite some time. Both have universal appeal with their long list of famous characters. Both of the universes have their own superhero allegiance. The Justice League protects the DC Universe from harm, while the Avengers do the same for Marvel. These two heroic universes amble along beside each other in popular culture, parallel but never converging. But what if they did? Fans have more than a few opinions on a potential crossover. 

Kevin Feige claims a Marvel vs. DC crossover is technically possible 

Fans on Reddit recently reacted to a claim made by Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios. When asked about a potential Marvel vs. DC crossover, Feige told Comicbook.com that it wasn’t out of the realm of possibility.  “Well, look, my standard answer to things are ‘never say never.'” Feige says that a crossover isn’t impossible, but it is also very far from being in the works. 

Some fans took this to be a yes as far as a crossover goes. Others were more skeptical. As one Redditor says “Don’t say it’s impossible. [The movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit?] exists, and that had Mickey Mouse share screen time with Bugs Bunny.” It is true that stranger things have happened in Hollywood. Just because a Marvel vs. DC crossover is possible doesn’t mean it will ever happen, and fans think it’s unlikely to happen soon. 

Fans think Marvel vs. DC won’t happen anytime soon 

DC vs. Marvel at The Burbank Film Festival on September 11, 2021, in Burbank, California.
Marvel vs. DC at The Burbank Film Festival on September 11, 2021, in Burbank, California. | Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Most Redditors seemed to agree that Marvel and DC won’t come together until they’ve completely milked their current intellectual property. Disney now owns Marvel Studios, and it hasn’t been at the helm for long enough. Streaming opened a new world of possibilities, and the mouse has already capitalized on it by creating two Marvel showsLoki and Wandavision. It’s clear Disney is a long way from getting bored with Marvel. 

As one fan put it, both DC and Marvel need to be at the end of their potential content to consider a crossover. The Redditor wrote, “I’ve always assumed that when comic book movies start fading and making less money they’ll pull something like that to try and get every last penny out. I’ve felt more confident in that ever since Disney bought both Marvel and Star Wars.” A crossover would open up a whole new world of content possibilities, literally.

There’s one match-up fans would love to see 

A crossover would be interesting for actors who are in both the Marvel universe and DC films. There’s a long list of such actors, some more recognizable than others. For instance, Angela Bassett has held important roles in both universes. She played a doctor in The Green Lantern, then moved over to Marvel to play the Queen of Wakanda, Ramonda. Her role in The Green Lantern was given to Viola Davis in subsequent films. If there’s a crossover, it is unlikely that Bassett’s two characters would meet. 

But there is one pairing fans want to see. Ryan Reynolds has starred as both Deadpool and Green Lantern, in Marvel and DC respectively. Deadpool is known for his biting wit, and fans want to see him take on himself. As one fan wrote, “sweet; looking forward to Deadpool kicking that green lantern dudes Canadian a–.” 

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