Marvel’s ‘What If…?’: Does Episode 1 Have a Post-Credits Scene?

Marvel’s What If…? premiered on Disney+ this week, and the new TV series called into question everything fans know about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The first episode didn’t stray too far from the original films. However, it did change the series of events that kicked off the franchise. Taking fans all the way back to World War II, the episode imagined what would have happened if Captain America: The First Avenger played out very differently.

Episode 1 bridged the gap between the MCU that already exists and the one Phase 4 is setting up. With the premiere highlighting the possibilities of the multiverse, fans might find themselves wondering if it contains a post-credits scene. Is it worth sticking around through the credits?

[Spoiler warning: This article contains spoilers for the first episode of Marvel’s What If…?]

Marvel’s animated TV series kicked off with an episode about Peggy Carter

Marvel's What If...? TV series shows Captain Carter defending a building with a British flag shield
Captain Carter in Marvel’s ‘What If…?’ | Marvel Studios

Marvel’s What If…? opened with a story that will feel familiar to anyone who has seen the first Captain America movie — though Steve Rogers isn’t the focal point this time around. Although Steve is chosen to receive the Super Soldier Serum, a Nexus event results in the would-be Avenger getting shot just as he’s about to take it. Peggy Carter takes his place, becoming the first Super Soldier and altering the future of the MCU.

Donning the British flag instead of the American one, Peggy simultaneously fights the German army and HYDRA, along with the sexism running rampant through her own camp. Steve doesn’t totally fall out of the picture; in fact, he winds up fighting the war in a suit designed by Howard Stark — one that seems to be the original design for Iron Man.

How Peggy taking up the mantle will impact the rest of the MCU remains to be seen, but it should be interesting to see if the What If…? premiere has a domino effect.

Does episode 1 of Marvel’s ‘What If…?’ have a post-credits scene?

Marvel Studios is known for connecting its films through post-credits scenes, but the company has kept viewers guessing when it comes to its Disney+ series. Although episodes of shows like WandaVision and Loki sometimes feature twists at the end, many of them do not.

That uncertainty will likely keep Marvel fans around through the credits of What If…?‘s first episode. Those wondering if it’s worth sticking around, however, can feel free to turn the TV off. The What If…? premiere does not have a post-credits scene at the end, leaving viewers to guess at what’s coming in future installments.

When does ‘What If…?’ episode 2 release on Disney+?

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Despite having no post-credits scene to offer insight into episode 2, it’s been confirmed that the next installment of Marvel’s What If…? will reimagine both T’Challa and Star-Lord’s characters. It will ask what would have happened if T’Challa was the one taken by the Ravagers all those years ago — and if he’d become Star-Lord instead of the Black Panther.

Through its take on T’Challa, the TV series will bring Marvel fans one final performance from the late Chadwick Boseman. In that sense, next week’s episode will likely be solemn even as it presents such an outlandish scenario.

As for when fans can watch episode 2 of Marvel’s What If…?, it arrives on Wednesday, Aug. 18. Disney+ typically drops new episodes of its TV series around 3 a.m. ET, so viewers will be able to catch What If…? then.

In the meantime, the first episode of the animated series is currently streaming on Disney+.