Masika Kalysha Accused of Being a Fraud, Deadbeat Tenant by Former ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Producer

She’s not on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood anymore, but Masika Kalysha continues to stay in the public eye — and the reasons aren’t always positive.

Recently, she’s been engaged in an ongoing battle with Hazel-E and the two sat down for The Conversation on Zeus. But now, Masika’s name is getting dragged for allegedly not paying her rent.

Masika Kalysha attends ‘WE tv Celebrates The Return Of Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta’ | Paras Griffin/Getty Images for WE tv

Former ‘Love & Hip Hop’ producer hurls insults at Masika Kalysha over lease

David Weintraub has been a reality TV show producer for over a decade, working on shows such as Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, Sober House, Hollywood Hillbillies, and Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.

He was a recent guest on Brandi Glanville’s podcast, Brandi Glanville Unfiltered on Sept. 11 and one of the things he discussed was being Masika Kalysha’s landlord. He called her a piece of trash and scam artist.

According to Weintraub, he rented his Calabasas house out to her and things turned sour. “When I say the biggest garbage can human being, disgusting lying scam artist low-life person is this woman Masika Kalysha Tucker that happened to be on one of our shows, Love & Hip Hop — who attempted to buy a house from me but committed fraud,” he said.

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Weintraub levels harsh and heavy accusations against Masika Kalysha

Weintraub accused Masika Kalysha of using the COVID-19 eviction moratorium to evade paying her lease agreement. He noted she did so while posting photos and videos showing off her cash, shopping sprees, and bank account. He said she committed fraud “to the tune of $75,000” and owes him back rent.

Weintraub alleged that she squatted in his home which prevented him from visiting or selling the property. He claimed she finally vacated the home — in the middle of the night — and stole electronics and his washer and dryer.

Weintraub said they’re now caught up in litigation. He added that originally, Masika Kalysha was in the process of buying the house before the pandemic hit. He claimed that her loan fell through and she took advantage of the COVID-19 moratorium to get out of the lease situation.

Masika Kalysha recently caught up in two public feuds

She hasn’t commented on Weintraub’s claims yet, but it’s not the first time she’s been at the center of a controversy.

In August, Masika Kalysha confused social media users when she posted a video portraying a fake kidnapping and domestic violence incident. She asked that people donate tips to her OnlyFans account and indicated that proceeds would go to the r.o.s.e. organization. Many fans were outraged over the video’s content and offended that she asked for donations.

The organization’s founder blasted the video and refuted her claims, and after some sparring back and forth on Instagram, Masika Kalysha apologized for her actions and the women hashed things out. Still, she felt the backlash.

She’s also beefing with former LHH co-star Hazel-E. Zeus Network is airing a two-part session between the two so they can rehash all their problems from the past and present. Part two drops on Sept. 13.