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How hard is it to create fresh tortellini from scratch? If you are FOX‘s MasterChef: Back to Win judge Gordon Ramsay, it’s easy peasy. If you are a cook trying to win the challenge – pretty mind-boggling.

In this exclusive semi-finals clip, Ramsay quickly demonstrates how to fold lobster tortellini and his tutorial seems to be adding more confusion than help. The cooks are sweating it because this challenge determines the final three cooks who will compete in the finale.

‘MasterChef: Back to Win’ judges admit folding tortellini is a tough technique to master

Ramsay demands attention from the cooks, who are in full-blown panic mode while making fresh lobster tortellini. “Look at me please,” he warns the cooks who are ruminating over their dishes. He demonstrates how to fold the tortellini. “Fold it over in the hands. Gotta move quickly. Left to right, right to left. Use your thumb, push down, and open up the tortellini.”

'MasterChef: Back to Win' cook Christian Green stands in front of chef Gordon Ramsay
Christian Green and Gordon Ramsay |FOX via Getty Images

Say what?

Judges Aarón Sánchez, and Joe Bastianich acknowledge that this technique is no walk in the park. “This is a very difficult technique to master,” Sánchez is seen telling Bastianich. Who says, “This is where you can lose pace.” Not only pace, but the cooks know this is also where you can lose the challenge.

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Ramsay tries to push the cooks to pick up the pace as they struggle to create their tortellini. Dara Yu exclaims, “Oh my gosh” as Ramsay tells her to get going. Meanwhile, Christian Green is hovered over his tortellini, concentrating on his next move. “Yes, chef!” he replies to Ramsay who tells him to get moving.

“This is my first time folding a tortellini,” Green admits in a confessional.

Hoping to reinforce the lesson, Ramsay re-demonstrates the technique … but is the second demo a charm? “Again, up and over, half moon shape. Left to right, right to left,” Ramsay says.

Green jokes in a confessional, sounding like he’s explaining how to do the Electric Slide, “Half moon! Push it left, push it right!”

Ramsay tries to offer a better description. “Open, like a lobster pinch.”

But Green thinks this demonstration is only confusing the cooks. “Use your hand like a lobster. What are we doing a TikToc dance? I’m lost.”

Gordon Ramsay from ‘MasterChef: Back to Win’ admits this dish is ‘extremely difficult to pull off’

Ramsay probably knows that he is pushing his cooks to the brink because he has admitted in the past this dish is tough to master. In a 2016 MasterChef episode, Ramsay demonstrates how to make handmade tortellini of lobster in shellfish broth.


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“This is an extremely difficult skill to pull off,” he says. Ramsay then shows the cooks how to create the tortellini. And … his demo is pretty similar to what he showed the MasterChef: Back to Win cooks. “Left to right, right to left, over and push,” he says.

A cook says, “Oh, wow,” but the cook isn’t being challenged on the spot to make the tortellini. Ramsay’s demonstration is similar to the presentation he gave to the MasterChef: Back to Win cooks, but he seems to go a little slower. Plus, the cooks are standing closer to Ramsay.

MasterChef: Back to Win is on Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on FOX.