Matt Fraser and Wife Alexa’s Unborn Baby Psychic? ‘It Freaked Me out,’ Matt Said [Exclusive]

Psychic gifts are often hereditary and psychic medium reality TV star Matt Fraser and his wife Alexa are already looking for the signs that their unborn baby boy could have the gift.

Matt told Showbiz Cheat Sheet that seeing his pregnant wife has been a surreal and thrilling experience. He admitted that while he isn’t sure if his son will be psychic, the couple has experienced some intuitive moments that had Matt a little “freaked out.”

Matt Fraser’s wife recently made a prediction

“I don’t know if the child’s going to be psychic or not, because you really won’t know until they get older,” Matt said. “They start speaking about their experiences and so on and so forth. My grandmother said when I was first born, she held me and she knew. She knew right away. So until you are in that situation, I don’t think you’ll know. But some weird things have been happening, which is so strange. It got me freaked out a little bit. Alexa has always had good intuition.”

Matt Fraser smiles for a photo at People TV in 2020
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“But I’m not psychic by any means,” Alexa added.

“For example, we live in West Palm Beach, we have a vacation home there and there’s this building that’s right next to ours. [Recently] Alexa’s like, ‘Oh my God, this building. It really should be torn down,'” Matt said.

“We’ve seen this building every single day for the past six years,” Alexa added.

Matt recalled how Alexa kept lamenting about how the building needed to come down. “The next day the trucks were there ripping it apart and tearing it down!” Matt exclaimed.

Alexa knew she would have a baby boy before she was pregnant

Matt said his wife Alexa had another intuitive experience – even before she was pregnant. She knew that not only she would someday become a mother, but she would have a baby boy.  “We started trying for a baby after our wedding. So in October,” Alexa said. “I want to say the end of November, it had to be around that time. I had a dream and it was so detailed and it was so clear. And I don’t normally dream like that. I mean, we all have crazy dreams like they’re all over the place.”

“I looked down and in the dream, I had the [baby] bump and I was like, ‘Oh my god, Matt, I’m pregnant,’” she recalled. “Then I flashed and all of a sudden I’m in labor. And we have the baby. In the dream, I’m holding the baby in my arms and I can clearly see the baby from my point of view in the dream.”

“It’s a little baby boy,” she shared. “And he’s swaddled and he had like one of those little blue hats on. And we want to name our son Royce. So in the dream, I literally said, ‘Oh my god, this is Royce, it’s Royce.’ It’s him.”

The couple recently had a gender reveal party

About a month later, Alexa learned she was pregnant.  “So then in December, we found out I was pregnant, and as soon as I found out, I just knew it was a boy,” Alexa said. “I knew it in my heart, in my gut, and my soul that it was a boy.”

Before getting that positive pregnancy test, Alexa said her dream stayed strong in her mind. “The day after, when I woke up, I told Matt right away and I kept saying over and over, like, ‘You’re going to think I’m so weird for this, but I miss that little baby from my dream,’” Alexa said. “I miss him. He was just so cute. I wanted to be with him. It was like, I left the dream without him, and now I really missed him.”

The couple recently held a gender reveal party, which is when the family learned that Matt and wife Alexa were having a baby boy.

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