Matt James Could Be ‘Manipulating the Situation’ With the Women on ‘The Bachelor,’ Says a Relationship Expert

Matt James‘ season of The Bachelor is in full swing. James has met 32 women vying for his heart, each of whom could be trying to manipulate him. According to one relationship expert, James could be manipulating the women of his season just the same. 

Matt James
Matt James, ‘The Bachelor’ | Craig Sjodin via Getty Images

‘The Bachelor’ Matt James has never been in love before 

During the season 25 premiere of The Bachelor, James was extremely vulnerable with cameras. He explained to host Chris Harrison how he felt a tremendous amount of pressure being the first Black Bachelor. What’s more, James said he has never been in love. 

“Knowing what it means for me now, [including] the sacrifice, the respect, the communication — everything that goes into really loving somebody — I don’t feel like I’ve felt that,” James said of his journey in an interview with Access. “When [Harrison and I] had that conversation, I couldn’t say that I [had ever] loved somebody because love for me has changed.” 

With those pressures weighing on his mind, James leaned on his faith that first night with the women.

Matt James is a religious Bachelor

During the premiere, James also opened up about his connection to Christianity. When it came time to greet the women at the first cocktail party, James led with a prayer. 

“I’ve had so long to think about what I’m going to say to you all, and I’m going to take a different approach,” James started, continuing:

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for bringing us all together healthy. Give these women the courage to get through these next few months. You say that you work all things for the good of those who love you and are called according to your purpose, Father God. And I feel like that’s why I’m here and I feel like that’s why these women are here, Lord.

Relationship expert Rori Sassoon thought James’ prayer was a bold move. 

Is Matt James trying to manipulate the women on ‘The Bachelor’? 

Showbiz Cheat Sheet spoke with relationship expert and matchmaker Sassoon over the phone. She had a lot to say about the women of James’ season, but she also touched on two “really important” things the Bachelor revealed during the premiere. 

“First of all he said he’s never really been in love before,” Sassoon said. “He thought he knew what love was — he said to Chris I’ve never been in love before. So it’s going to be very interesting to watch because these girls definitely have the opportunity to manipulate him [because he doesn’t know what love is].” 

Sassoon added how James could be manipulating the women, just as they might be manipulating him. 

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“He was very social and soulful [during the premiere],” Sassoon added, “I thought the whole prayer thing was really humbling and nice. You really don’t see that often. [And] by the way, if he was manipulating the situation [with the prayer], he was genius.” 

The matchmaker pointed out how, after James’ prayer, many of the women swooned, “Oh my god I’m gonna cry, I’m gonna cry.”

As James has expressed in interviews and The Bachelor premiere, Sassoon reiterated the pressure he is feeling. “He has a lot on his plate,” she said. 

“Let’s see how it goes,” she concluded, warning Bachelor Nation not to believe the narratives James nor the women are playing up at this time. “Throw a little caution to the wind here. He is the Bachelor.” And this is reality television.