Matt Smith Wasn’t In ‘Star Wars’ After All — But He Might Appear In This Major Franchise Instead

The idea of a former Doctor Who appearing in Star Wars is just too good to pass up. Matt Smith (as Doctor Who No. 11) was hired in 2009 as the youngest to play the character in the show’s history. However, it’s debatable whether he was typecast in the role to spread his wings into big franchise films.

Rumors were he’d appear in The Rise of Skywalker as a pivotal character. Ultimately, his scenes were cut for inexplicable reasons, including many wondering if he really did anything there at all.

Smith hasn’t confirmed one way or the other if he appeared in TRoS, leaving a mystery still left to unfold at a later time. In the meantime, Smith is making up for it by signing to appear in the MCU.

Why is there so much secrecy over whether Smith was in ‘Rise of Skywalker’?

Matt Smith on the red carpet
Matt Smith | Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Screen Rant recently pointed out there was clear evidence Matt Smith was asked to be in Episode 9, even if Smith himself denied it in interviews conducted a year ago. Analysts were quick to point out he denied it because he was probably told to.

All conjecture has led to the thought he was maybe picked to play Palpatine’s son (Rey’s father), though was considered too much of a distraction. Smith is still very well known as an actor, including as Doctor Who. While it’s been six years since he played the part, reruns of his performances are still seen everywhere.

Perhaps J.J. Abrams felt having him show up as Rey’s father would make people strongly associate him with Doctor Who. Then again, who wouldn’t have wanted to see such an interesting crossover?

Even the idea of Doctor Who finding his way into the Star Wars universe has been on the mind of fan-fiction writers for years. Yet, whatever reason it was for Smith being eliminated from TRoS, it’s being kept quiet, maybe out of respect to Smith.

He might have been replaced at the last minute

Screen Rant above reminds fans Jodie Comer is seen briefly as Rey’s mom. She’s now an award-winning actress, giving pause on whether Smith was originally going to play Rey’s father next to her. Smith might have been replaced by a lesser-known actor named Billy Howle.

Because Comer isn’t associated with an iconic sci-fi character, she obviously was left in. Smith still being associated with Doctor Who was perhaps deemed problematic, proving once playing that iconic role, typecasting can lead to problems when acting in big movie franchises.

At least Smith now has the last laugh since it’s just been announced he’ll play a notable villain in an MCU film. Yes, it’s apparently confirmed he’ll play Loxias Crown in MCU’s eventual Morbius.

If there was any smart move to pivot away from Doctor Who, it’s in playing a villain rather than a hero.

MCU fans are excited to see Smith play a Marvel antihero

More recently, Smith has been known for playing Prince Philip on Netflix’s The Crown, and it’s not overly common to see him play a baddie. He has appeared in a couple of horror-related movies (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and Patient Zero), plus played Charles Manson in Charlie Says.

His Doctor Who persona still persists, however. Playing Loxias Crown would be his darkest role yet since Morbius turns Loxias into a supernatural vampire, making this an opportunity for the MCU to explore darker areas DC has already done.

Smith initially didn’t want to join this fray until finding the right director. Reportedly, Karen Gillan (who worked with Smith on Doctor Who) persuaded Smith to jump on the MCU train.

It may be the best thing he can do to reinvent his career, proving playing comic book villains has a better bet of being more memorable than playing Manson.