Matt Stone and Trey Parker ‘Don’t Respect’ ‘Family Guy’

South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker hate it when their show gets lumped together with Family Guy. According to Stone and Parker, their style of humor is totally different from Seth MacFarlane’s show, and they actually strongly dislike Family Guy. They even dedicated an entire two-parter episode called “Cartoon Wars” to poking fun of MacFarlane’s series.

And according to the South Park writers, they simply don’t “respect” Family Guy.

Matt Stone and Trey Parker
Matt Stone and Trey Parker | Charley Gallay/Getty Images

Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s beef with the ‘Family Guy’ crew is one-sided

When Parker and Stone were asked whether or not they have ever interact with the Family Guy writers, they said that the Family Guy crew “ignores” them. Stone also claims that the beef between the two shows is totally one-sided.

Matt Stone and Trey Parker attend 66th Annual Tony Awards after party at The Plaza Hotel on June 10, 2012 in New York City
Matt Stone and Trey Parker attend 66th Annual Tony Awards after party at The Plaza Hotel on June 10, 2012 in New York City | Bennett Raglin/WireImage

“They completely ignore us, so it’s fine,” Stone tells The New York Times. “It’s a one-way war. We don’t know anybody there. They don’t know us. I don’t think they’re much bothered by us.”

“They’re making a lot more money than we are, so I don’t think they care very much,” says Parker.

But when asked whether the Family Guy writers took their disses from “Cartoon Wars” personally, Parker took a stab at the show again.

“Well, their show didn’t get any better,” he said. “They didn’t take it too personally because they didn’t work any harder.”

The ‘South Park’ creators don’t respect Seth MacFarlane’s series

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According to Stone and Parker, they understand why people like Family Guy, but they don’t like it personally.

“I just want to say for the record right now, we’ve seen Family Guy, it’s… it’s… we do hate it,” Parker admits in a commentary video. “We do hate Family Guy. And we totally understand that people love it, and that’s why we put it in the show. We understand that it speaks to some people, and it can just be a simple laugh, and that’s great… and we certainly don’t think it should be taken off the air or anything like that. We just don’t respect it in terms of writing.”

“I think what makes me disappointed about Family Guy is that it could be an amazing show,” says Stone. “You can tell there are smart people working on it.”

“I don’t think they work hard enough,” says Parker. “They need to work harder.”

Matt Stone and Trey Parker are sick of ‘South Park’ being compared to ‘Family Guy’

While speaking to The New York Times, Stone and Parker said that they hate constantly being lumped together with Family Guy just because they’re both animated sitcoms for adults.

“We kept running into people that are just like, ‘Oh, you guys do South Park,” says Parker. “I love that show and Family Guy. That’s the best. You must love Family Guy. And we were like, ‘No, we [really] hate Family Guy.”

“It’s a frustration I’m sure they probably have, too,” Stone says of the Family Guy staff. “You get lumped together with shows because you’re animated. There’s just not a lot of similarities, we don’t think, between the two shows.”