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Best-selling author, actor, and producer Matthew McConaughey set a “Greenlights Challenge” after hearing viewers impersonate him, and it’s “alright, alright, alright.” The challenge has fans laughing and loving the excerpts from the 51-year-old’s new memoir and is the perfect way to ring in 2021. 

Matthew McConaughey
Matthew McConaughey | Noam Galai/Getty Images for HISTORY

Matthew McConaughey started a ‘Greenlights’ challenge for his social media followers

The Greenlights challenge is relatively simple — read an excerpt from McConaughey’s New York Times bestseller in his voice. He will share the ones that make him laugh the most with his social media followers.

“Check this out,” McConaughey’s Instagram challenge began. “I just saw an impersonation of me reading an excerpt from my Greenlights book. Now it wasn’t me reading it. You know who you were that was reading it. You know what? I loved it. It was funny. You made me laugh pretty damn hard. You know, I think our sense of humor should be our default emotion, so I’m inviting more sense of humor into mine and your life by calling any of you Greenlighters out there. I dare you.”

Then the actor gave a call to action for his fans.

“Do your best impersonation of me,” he concluded. “Post-it. Send it in. I’m going to look them all up. I’m going to gather the greatest hits — the ones that are the most on point — and I’m going to repost them on my Instagram Stories. Send them all in. I can handle it. I can handle it.”

McConaughey’s fans sent in numerous videos that impressed the actor

The reaction to McConaughey’s “Greenlights challenge” was epic and made the actor’s month. He responded in another video.”

“I hear you, and now I see ya,” the actor responded in a social media video below. “My oh my, I am starting to sound more like myself than I actually think I do. This seems to be true somehow. So keep these impersonations and impressions coming in because — one — you are making me live longer by the laughter, so thank you for that. Consider my funny-bone officially tickled.” 

Fans loved the challenge as much as the successful author enjoyed watching them. 

“Matthew, your wonderful energy is so contagious,” one fan wrote on the Instagram post.

Other fans were delighted that McConaughey shared their impersonation on his social media account.

“Legend!” another fan added. “So stoked on the reshare!!! Thank you!”

Here’s where to find all of the ‘Greenlights’ Challenge impersonations

Fans love watching all of the impressions of McConoughey, so the actor saved them on his Instagram account. To watch all of the excerpt readings by fans, go to the writer’s Instagram Stories. The actor also shared his favorites to his Twitter account.

“They’re all so great!” one fan wrote. “Thank you for sharing with us, little people! MERRY CHRISTMAS.”


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Fans cannot stop watching the challenges sent in by viewers.

“This has really brought my spirits up,” another follower wrote. “Watching all the homages. And at the end of the day, we are celebrating reading a book.”