Max Ehrich Faces Backlash for Sharing Photo of ‘American Idol’s Sonika Vaid Following Demi Lovato Split

Max Ehrich is getting a ton of attention from Demi Lovato fans these days, but not the good kind.

A few weeks after his dramatic split from the hitmaker, the actor shared a photo of himself Facetiming his rumored new flame Sonika Vaid, an American Idol alum he was spotted out with a few days prior, on Instagram.

Though it’s unclear if the pair are actually dating, it appears that something is definitely going on between Ehrich and Vaid — and to say fans aren’t supportive of this potential romance would be an understatement.

Max Ehrich, Sonika Vaid, and Demi Lovato
Max Ehrich, Sonika Vaid, and Demi Lovato | Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic; Greg Doherty/Getty Images; Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Max Ehrich has been sparking romance rumors with Sonika Vaid lately

On Oct. 17, Ehrich took to Instagram to share a screenshot of himself having a Facetime call with his rumored new girlfriend, Sonika Vaid, following his dramatic split from Demi Lovato.

In the photo, Ehrich and Vaid were all smiles as they posed for the camera while holding up peace signs. The Young and The Restless star left the post uncaptioned.

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Once the photo was posted to his feed, Lovato fans swarmed Ehrich’s comments section to call him out for moving on so quickly from his former relationship.

“Weren’t you just engaged lol wtf,” one fan wrote. “LOL YOU MOVED ON FAST shows you never gave 2 f*cks about Demi,” another user commented.

Meanwhile, others blasted the actor for flaunting his new relationship just a few days after he was spotted sulking on the beach where he proposed to the “Sorry Not Sorry” singer. Some even went as far as to accuse Ehrich of “clout” chasing.

“You were just on a beach crying over demi LMFAOOOO and whos this? She’s not relevant enough to get you that clout you were craving,” someone penned. “So heartbroken over Demi though,” another user sarcastically wrote.

Ehrich has yet to comment on the backlash, but his latest post comes less than a week after he first shared a photo of himself and Vaid to his feed.

In the snapshot, the pair were seen walking together while the actor had his arm around the singer. Though the photo instantly sparked romance rumors, Vaid later told E! News that she and Ehrich were just friends who had recently met at a “dinner with mutual friends.” 

“It was a fun night and we all got to hang out and head to the studio together,” Vaid, who competed on season 15 of American Idol, shared. “We’ve just been hanging out since and having fun.”

Ehrich and Lovato just ended their engagement

Though it might seem like Ehrich has moved on rather quickly from his relationship with Lovato, it doesn’t come as a surprise he’s already gotten back into the dating scene, seeing as his romance with the hitmaker didn’t end on a high note.

Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato | Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Teen Vogue)

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Less than a month ago, it was confirmed that Lovato had broken off her engagement with Ehrich just a few months after they first started dating.

Though he went to great lengths to express his sadness over their breakup in the few following their split, it now seems like Max may be moving on for real.

As for Lovato, she too has moved on with her life as she recently sparked dating rumors with Bella Thorne’s ex-boyfriend, Mod Sun. However, a source exclusively told E! News that Lovato and Sun are just friends.

“She has been trying to surround herself with good company to occupy her time and keep her mind off of the Max drama,” the insider said. “She isn’t looking to date right now and is still healing.”