‘Mayans MC’: Elgin James Says There Has to Be at Least ‘One More’ Season

Mayans MC just premiered season 4 on FX, and it looks like this could be the darkest season yet. The series is a spinoff of the wildly popular Sons of Anarchy and is growing a large fan base of its own. SOA lasted for a total of seven seasons, from 2008 to 2014. It’s not yet clear just how many seasons Mayans MC will get, but fans can at least know that season 4 won’t be the last.

Elgin James and Edward James Olmos attend Season 4 Premiere Of FX's Mayans M.C. After Party. James and Olmos pose for a photo.
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‘Mayans MC’ returns with season 4

Mayans MC returned with season 4 on April 19. The premiere kicked off with two new episodes, “Cleansing of the Temple” and “Hymn Among the Ruins.” This season looks to be the darkest yet. Although EZ narrowly made it out of the first episode alive, he and the other Mayans are now navigating a tenuous truce with the other charters.

To make matters worse, Gaby left town without EZ. In season 4, episode 2, Angel calls EZ’s new living situation “sad” and it’s hard not to agree with him. As EZ becomes further entrenched in the club, it’s hard not to wonder if he’ll end up dying by the time the series is over, just as Jax Teller did in Sons of Anarchy. Mayans MC showrunner Elgin James knows how the story will end, but he’s not giving anything away.

Elgin James says ‘Mayans MC’ Season 4 won’t be the last

Showrunner Elgin James doesn’t know how many seasons of Mayans MC he’ll get, but he does know where the characters will end up. “We know where it ends,” he told Variety. “I know the very last shot. So, it’s not in season 4 so I’m just going to say, there at least has to be one more. But we know exactly where it ends and we have been headed there for a while now.”

Elgin James also revealed that he didn’t share the ending with the Mayans MC cast until last year. “I wasn’t able to verbalize it or I was too scared to verbalize it until last season,” he explained. “I was like, by the way, this is how it all ends. First, I told the actors, so they know. They know where this ends and the studio and the network are starting to get a sense of where it ends but we’ll see if it’s Season 5 or Season 15.”

In an interview with Deadline, James stated that he “definitely” thinks Mayans MC can match Sons of Anarchy‘s seven-season run. “That’s sort of how we have it planned out, just because that’s the model that we knew. Then, who knows?” James said while still admitting, “Shows usually don’t run seven seasons anymore.” He added, “We just know, each time we get to live another day, we’re just going to lay it all out.”

JD Pardo and Clayton Cardenas on the show’s eventual end

It seems like Elgin James clued in some of the Mayans MC cast members about how their character’s stories will end. However, EZ actor JD Pardo wasn’t giving much away. “I will say that I am so looking forward to it,” he told Variety. “I feel like there is no other way.”

Clayton Cardenas, who plays Angel Reyes, added his take. “I think we are all very happy with where it’s ending and I think the story is coming to an artistic, satisfying end. All the artists that are heavily involved, they are understanding and they also are respectful of the art that has been done already. The audience wants more but the artist knows it’s time to come out and tell a full arc. A full arc, that’s all you need.”

New episodes of Mayans MC air Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EST on FX.

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