‘Mayans MC’ Season 4 Episode 8: Felipe and EZ’s Conversation Is ‘an Answer’ to a Scene in Season 3

EZ made his darkest decision so far in Mayans MC Season 4. After his ex-girlfriend Gaby saw Angel kill a security guard, EZ murdered her so she wouldn’t go to the police. In episode 8, Felipe learned the terrible truth. While there weren’t a lot of words exchanged between Felipe and EZ it was a heartbreaking scene. Miguel Galindo actor Danny Pino directed episode 8. He purposefully crafted the scene as a response to a scene in season 3.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Mayans MC Season 4 Episode 8.]

Mayans MC Season 4 actor Edward James Olmos wears a blue shirt and vest.
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EZ told Felipe that he killed Gaby in ‘Mayans MC’ Season 4 Episode 8

In Mayans MC Season 4, EZ made his darkest decision yet when he took the life of his ex-girlfriend, Gaby. In episode 8 he showed up at Felipe’s butcher shop and revealed the awful truth. “I spent my whole life listening to you, believing something was wrong with me. I allowed you to try to make me something else,” EZ tells Felipe.

When Felipe asks EZ what happened he responds, “Gaby. You couldn’t save her.” He then tells his father that Gaby is “buried under dirt and branches.” Danny Pino directed episode 8. The actor told Entertainment Weekly that he wanted this emotional scene to be “an answer” to another scene from season 3.

This scene parallels a scene in season 3, according to Danny Pino

Pino described the scene in question while speaking with Entertainment Weekly. “There was a scene between EZ and Felipe in season three, where EZ walks in and Felipe’s chopping a piece of meat, and he sees EZ in the mirror and he walks over to EZ from around the cooler, and they play a scene in the middle of the carnicería,” Pino said.

He explained how he established the same feel in 408. “I essentially took all of this, the camera set-ups from that scene in season three, and applied it to this scene — so that anybody who’s an avid Mayans fan will recognize, or at least feel that one scene feels like the other,” the actor told Entertainment Weekly.

“In the scene from season three, EZ says that he feels like Gaby was his lifeline, that leaving with Gaby and leaving Santo Padre could potentially save him. And ultimately it was Felipe who drove Gaby away. So my interpretation [of this scene], and having conversations with J.D. and Edward James Olmos and Elgin, we all pieced it together that EZ feels like it could have been different — but for [Felipe] driving her away.”

Felipe and EZ ask each other similar questions

Felipe’s questions in season 4 episode 8 mirror EZ’s words in a scene in season 3. Pino explained to Entertainment Weekly, “In season three, they also play a scene in the carnicería where EZ comes to meet Gaby, and Gaby’s gone. And EZ asks Felipe, ‘What did she say?’ And then he asks Felipe, ‘What did you say?’ He is blaming his father for it. That nerve that runs through both scenes is Felipe’s responsibility for driving Gaby away.” In Mayans MC Season 4 Episode 8, a similar dialogue occurs. As the truth sets in Felipe asks EZ, “What did you do?” After EZ leaves the shop, he breaks down in tears.

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