‘Mayans MC’ Season 4: Manny’s Story About Alvarez Happened in ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Season 1

In Mayans MC Season 4 Episode 3, Angel, EZ, and Manny are tasked with escorting El Banquero’s accountant Randall through the desert to help him start a new life. During their mission, Manny tells the Reyes brothers a story about Alvarez killing his own son. This story was actually seen in Sons of Anarchy Season 1.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Mayans MC Season 4 Episode 3.]

 Emilio Rivera who plays Alvarez in Mayans MC Season 4. Rivera wears a black shirt and suit jacket.
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Manny tells the Reyes brothers a story about Alvarez in ‘Mayans MC’ Season 4 Episode 3

During Angel, EZ, and Manny’s mission in Mayans MC Season 4 Episode 3, the group hears noises that could be border patrol “or someone worse.” They decide to lay low and hide until it’s safe to keep moving. While they wait, Manny talks to Angel about fatherhood, and how much he loves his own daughter.

“That’s what I don’t get about Alvarez,” Manny says. “You heard the story, right? About his kid Esai?” Manny asks. When Angel says he hasn’t, Manny continues, “I heard some of the OGs discuss it. He chose the club over his family. I guess something happened. S*** went sideways and he supposedly let a f***ing reaper take his son out.” Manny relays that the man who killed Esai had “a bunch of smiley face tattoos.” Angel and EZ immediately recognize this to be Happy Lowman.

Alvarez arranges for his son to be killed in ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Season 1

Esai Alvarez appeared in Sons of Anarchy Season 1. He was a member of the Oakland charter of the Mayans MC. In the episode, “The Pull,” Esai volunteers to kill Ernest Darby and Clay Morrow as his father Marcus Alvarez wishes. However, both murder attempts fail.

Later, Alvarez and Clay meet up to try to stop any further violence. Clay agrees to begin selling weapons to the Mayans if Alvarez ends the dispute between all the Mayans and the SOA in the Son’s favor. However, Clay also points out that there will need to be some form of retribution for the attempt on his life.

Alvarez suggests a “compromise” which turns out to be Esai. Alvarez meets Esai in the park to talk, and the pair go to get some churros. Happy, disguised as the churro vendor, stabs Esai in the back of the head, killing him. Alvarez hands Happy an envelope of money and the pair exchange nods.

Could Manny’s story be foreshadowing?

It seems a bit random that Manny would bring back this story from such a long time ago. Some Mayans MC fans believe that it could foreshadow what’s to come in season 4. “Manny bringing up Alvarez’s son might be foreshadowing for someone having to kill a family member later,” a Reddit user wrote.

“If I had to guess it’s either going to be Alvarez killing Bish or Ez having to kill Angel,” another added. Things are definitely tense between Alvarez and Bishop, and after the events of episode 3, there could be serious repercussions for Angel.

New episodes of Mayans MC Season 4 air Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. EST on FX.

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