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There isn’t a more eagerly awaited entrance of characters into the MCU than X-Men, despite likely looking different from the previous 20th Century Fox versions. Those films were mostly successful, but many comic book purists took issue in Fox taking too many liberties with the personas.

Kevin Feige has said if the X-Men return in the MCU, they’ll be reinvented from how they appeared previously. Bringing these mutants into the fold, though, is potentially a complicated process.

Feige and his creative team have some challenges ahead in introducing new characters like The Eternals and a few others. Fans are thinking if the X-Men do come back, it will be better to introduce them in gradual ways, something that could have started with delayed The New Mutants.

Is it better to slowly introduce individual mutants?

Kevin Feige speaks onstage
Kevin Feige | Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

Chances are slim the X-Men will have a singular movie immediately bringing the entire team into their new form. If such a thing does happen, it would be after individual mutants are introduced in outlying films.

Reddit had an interesting thread recently detailing how the mutants could be introduced individually in some of the upcoming Phase Four movies. For instance, the thread starter suggested Storm could be introduced in Black Panther 2, maybe even once again played by Halle Berry.

This was easily one of the best X-Men characters from the beginning, with Berry doing a memorable job in the role.

What makes Storm so compelling is she was the first black superhero in Marvel history back in the 1970s. Her roots in Africa, however, did not get much exploration, nor much in the X-Men movies.

Will Storm be nurtured in Wakanda?

The original name of Storm was Ororo Munroe, and she was an orphan while being raised in Africa. Having this tie-in with Wakanda would be a creative way to move her into the X-Men circle.

According to the Reddit poster above, they suggest Ororo become the love interest to T’Challa as a method toward her founding the X-Men. Having Wakanda become the funding source of the group and their technology would give an interesting tie-in. Plus, having the romantic aspect would slow things down to flesh out her character and her abilities.

Out of all the ideas of introducing mutants, this one is arguably the best. Not that other ideas don’t exist from fans, including a different take on Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch) who is, yes, a mutant herself.

Using the idea of revising existing characters so they provide better context for their mutant background would make sense. In the case of Wanda, it might be that Magneto was her father, which would be a shocking revelation if setting up more detail about the mutant world.

What about mutants in another ‘Deadpool’ movie?

Other ideas hone in on nurturing more mutants in a presumed Deadpool 3. Characters from the mutant world were already introduced in the first two films, giving the rare combination of them existing within a comedy.

An idea of bringing in Cyclops to interact with Deadpool seems like an intriguing idea considering they crossed paths in the comic books. Anyone who knows their Marvel comic book history will know Cyclops (Scott Summers) allowed Deadpool to join the X-Men briefly.

Although latter was kicked out eventually after almost killing the father of an X-Men member.

With Cyclops being the official leader of X-Men, introducing him in a Deadpool sequel would be ideal, if only wild speculation.

No matter how it would be done, it is inevitable considering Feige has said he will be considering using mutants later. Maybe this will be harder now that The New Mutants has been delayed (again) due to COVID19.