‘MBFFL’: Did Whitney Thore Get Weight Loss Surgery?

Whitney Thore shocked many fans when she discussed the prospect of having weight loss surgery. Now, My Big Fat Fabulous Life viewers want to know — did the No BS Active owner go through with the procedure?

Whitney Thore
Whitney Thore | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Discovery Communications

Whitney Thore’s broken engagement with Chase Severino 

After proposing to Thore in October of 2019, Thore and Chase Severino called off their engagement in May of 2020. Severino got an ex-girlfriend pregnant and decided to be there for his daughter, leaving Thore alone. 

Thore took some time to heal, but now it seems she’s making an effort to move on. She joined three dating apps, but her potential suitors were less than kind in their messages. 

“The amount of hateful comments that I’ve gotten since I delved back into online dating is really discouraging,” Thore said on the TLC show. “I mean, it always happens. But it just feels extra sh*tty for it to be happening now.”

Thore shared one of the hateful messages with Buddy Bell, who has been living with her since her breakup. 

“I was going to send you a message, but I don’t go out with wildebeests,” someone wrote to Thore. “No wonder why you’re single. You’re definitely not a prize. Clearly just some lard-a*s and will always be.”

“These people are obviously f*cking sick,” Bell said. 

Realizing how frequently these messages come in, Thore wondered if she should “get surgery or something just so [she] can just live a better life.”

‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ star is considering bariatric surgery 

As documented in season 8 of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Thore struggled with her self confidence since Severino broke her heart. The broken engagement had such an impact on Thore’s life; now she’s considering a procedure that she spoke against in the past. 

“Weight loss surgery has never been something that I’ve considered for myself and not something that I’ve particularly been super supportive about for most other people,” Thore explained during the episode. “Deep down, I know that I’m struggling, and I know that I’m dealing with depression on a level that I haven’t dealt with in a very long time. And I think that I am seeking relief or solution or a change.”


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Feeling down on her luck in the dating realm, Thore confided in Bell about getting weight loss surgery. During the episode, Thore talked about feeling like she would be treated differently if her body didn’t look the way it does. As someone who had always preached confidence and self-love, this shocked Bell, as well as Thore’s family when she told them she was considering the procedure. 

Did Whitney Thore get weight loss surgery?

Thore consulted with a weight loss doctor during the “Whitney Gets Her Groove Back” episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life. She and her brother Hunter gathered the facts about having the procedure, which would shrink her stomach and require a lifetime of maintenance.

Despite her conversation with a health professional, it’s unclear if Thore went through with the procedure at this time. She has not shared anything on social media, implying she went through with any surgery. 

Fans will have to tune in to the rest of My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 8 to find out if Thore had surgery or not.