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At one time, it was always thought Hulk was one of the strongest characters in the entirety of Marvel Comics. What this never took into consideration was the future of Marvel and the Marvel Cinematic Universe where various superheroes would far exceed Hulk in overall strength capabilities.

Perhaps this is why Hulk lost some appeal to many fans after growing up with him on TV as a titan who seemed to stand alone. The MCU version of the Hulk, though, kept losing his fights, proving he had more vulnerabilities than viewers remembered.

Fans speculate now why Hulk might have lost those MCU fights so many times since 2012. It relates directly to knowing and not getting along too swimmingly with Loki.

Tom Hiddleston
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Remember when Hulk smashed Loki in ‘The Avengers’?

Go back to 2012’s The Avengers, and Hulk fans will remember when the green guy managed to give Loki a taste of his own spoiled brat medicine. The problem with Hulk doing that is when you mess with a Norse god, bad things can potentially happen.

On Reddit, theories are now being postulated Loki put a curse on Hulk after this smashing incident. And it really was a smashing when playing back their fight scene. Arguably, it was a fight right out of Looney Tunes considering Hulk throws Loki around like a rag doll after being intimidated.

Yes, everyone remembers when Loki spouted to Hulk former would “not be intimidated” because he was a god. After Hulk knocked him around, former uttered “puny god” while walking off.

Everyone thought this was the ultimate comeuppance for Loki. What if he placed a hex on Hulk so every fight afterward would have him lose?

How many fights did Hulk lose afterward?

In all ensuing movies, Hulk ended up losing various fights with those he would normally pummel to near death. At one point, even Tony Stark managed to win a fight with Hulk during Age of Ultron. At another time, Thor took Hulk on and nearly kicked his derrière, if some arguing to the contrary.

Thanos also nearly killed Hulk, leading the latter to never fight again afterward. On top of it all, Hulk let Loki escape with the tesseract. Perhaps all of this was by design through Loki himself with an unspoken curse as a form of revenge.

In that above Reddit thread, fans say it seemed too much of a coincidence Hulk would lose all those fights after messing around with Loki in The Avengers. Is there real merit to this argument, or was it in the writer cards to make Hulk look weaker than the star players?

As one user noted: “If that’s true, that explains why Iron Man has been having a terrible time during his third film. Who knows, maybe Loki places curses on other Avengers or anyone that smacks him”.

For some, this might be further proof Hulk never received the respect he deserved after being such an iconic figure for decades prior.

Hulk still lost numerous fights in the comic books

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Another side to this argument is the MCU writers were merely reaching back to the comics when Hulk lost fights…more than a few times. Gizmodo once compiled a list of a dozen different characters who managed to knock Hulk down.

Some of these are very familiar, as in Wolverine, The Fantastic Four, and even Superman at one point. None of this might seem like canon, however, including some fights being temporary before allegiances were formed, plus alt-universe territory.

Also, the fights seen in the MCU were depicted in the comics, including Iron Man and Thor. All told, the disrespect argument against Hulk in the MCU maybe was not as great as people think when looking back to comics lore.

Nevertheless, the theory of Loki casting a curse on Hulk does have legs. Maybe this will be confirmed when the Disney+ series of Loki finally airs. Not that Loki has avoided complete misfortune either, proving he maybe really is a puny god after all.