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Speculation on upcoming Spider-Man 3 has numerous discussions underway about more than just how Spider-Man survives being exposed or the new villain. Many are starting to delve into the character of “MJ” (played by Zendaya), who everyone assumes is the equivalent of Mary Jane Watson.

Throughout the Tom Holland era, no one has really known what the “MJ” stands for, even if it apparently means Michelle Jones. Some fans think this name is a combination of taking from classic Mary Jane and assimilating with Angelica Jones.

Those not attuned to who Angelica Jones is should know this is the name of another superhero who just so happens to be Firestar, a mutant.

Who exactly is Firestar?

Zendaya on the red carpet
Zendaya | Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

The above theory comes from Reddit, and from a thread asking everyone’s opinions on what theories Phase Four might hold. One user thought “MJ” would end up being revealed as Angelica Jones since her real name was never really revealed.

A twist might be in order in discovering this is not the Mary Jane Watson of old. Taking from the Firestar character would obviously be an interesting new direction. More so, considering Firestar is a mutant, it could finally be a backdoor method of introducing the mutants, ultimately leading to X-Men.

Firestar first began in Marvel comics back in 1981. That same year, the character appeared on the Saturday morning animated series Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. Yes, the character looked like a standard female superhero of the era: A curvaceous figure, red hair, and green eyes.

This standard caricature of women superheroes lasted for a while before things started to change. In the MCU, things already look different, or at least in not all women superheroes being white. Seeing Zendaya play a new version of Firestar would provide a refreshing change.

What are Firestar’s powers?

Firestar’s lone powers are being able to generate microwave radiation, something she can manipulate at will. As a result, she can create intense heat and has the ability to fly.

If maybe not the most powerful superhero in the Marvel roster, she took on strong roles in the comic books for The Avengers and X-Men. Should there be any truth to MJ being Firestar, it would become the perfect introduction to how significant the mutants are.

At the same time, having MJ revealed like this would mean her understanding Peter Parker’s plight in having to cover up being a superhero. Or, maybe she has no knowledge of her powers yet until finally realizing what she can do.

Having her join Spider-Man to help fight the possible upcoming Sinister Six would also be an inventive turn. Over time, this might mean MJ joining the X-Men, leading to the proposed X-Men reboot the MCU promises.

Will Spider-Man teach MJ to harness her powers?

What Is Marvel Studios’ Long-Term Plan for Zendaya’s Michelle Jones in the MCU?

In the proposed theory on Reddit, a user said thus: “Michelle is a mutant, she just doesn’t know it yet. When mutants are introduced, Michelle will discover her powers. I’m thinking she will probably help Peter face down the Sinister 6 at some point, and Peter will help her learn about her powers.”

Having a love relationship sharing superhero duties would really take the Spider-Man movies in some complex new directions. They almost have to go this direction since the old romantic angle between Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson should never be done the same old way yet again.

It certainly looks the same at the moment with the brewing relationship between Parker and MJ last seen in Far From Home. How they keep their relationship going with both having the weight of being superheroes will become far more complex and keep interest sustained beyond a third movie.