MCU Fans Look Back on the Worst ‘Endgame’ Theories They Had Before the Movie

The first anniversary of Avengers: Endgame had some recently insightful new analysis, if also looking back in embarrassment at speculation before the movie released.

Any MCU fan can say that about every movie in the franchise released since 2008. However, Endgame had many more theories because of how big it was as a cultural event.

On social media, fans took time out to remember some of the worst theories they dreamed up in early 2019. While some sharp fans initially guessed the deaths of key Avengers, not everyone realized the magnitude of the plot, including complex time-travel.

One thing fans learned is things were a lot more tragic than they initially planned. There was even one interesting theory about Thanos a few fans got wrong.

What were the top ‘Endgame’ theories from last year?

The cast of 'Avengers: Endgame'
The cast of ‘Avengers: Endgame’ | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

No doubt many remember the months just before Endgame released and how wild the speculation was on social media. As seen from places like Vulture last year, many media analysts predicted the Soul Stone would play an important factor in the story.

They also guessed correctly an Avenger would die, not knowing it would be more than one.

As said on Reddit recently, that attempt to capture the Soul Stone on Vormir had theories some fans managed to never guess. A fan noted they thought Tony Stark and Steve Rogers would go to Vormir together to capture the Soul Stone.

Everyone knows only Rogers went, along with destroying theories some X-Men would make cameos on the planet.

Theories like this were only just the beginning. Others were far more interesting, if not necessarily too far removed from what really happened. Only one theory from some about Thanos seemed impossibly off the rails.

A few other interesting theories that could have been more interesting

More theories were brought up on the above Reddit theory, perhaps embellished slightly after looking back a year. Thinking about Nebula possibly being a villain crossed fan minds back then. Other media outlets speculated on her being a secondary villain for Endgame, yet her trajectory became more surprising.

It turns out she became a sympathetic character and a big help in the end during the time heist. Perhaps fans should have seen that coming, if being deceived by her actions going back to Infinity War.

Some of the more complex villains becoming allies is a twist the MCU has done well. Nevertheless, some people had a more wild theory about Thanos.

Yes, more than a few thought Thanos would do something similar to what his daughter (Nebula) did: Become an ally. How wrong everyone was, if many still considering his actions a form of good in his own head.

Is it true many thought Thanos would help The Avengers?

Those who guessed right about Nebula seemed to assume Thanos would see the light himself. A small number of Reddit users admitted they thought Thanos would become an Avengers ally in the end.

How they thought the story would become interesting with Thanos turning good is a bit perplexing. Then again, such a twist could have taken everyone by shock to offer a happy ending rather than a semi-tragic one.

Either ending would have likely received similar emotional reactions. Maybe it would never outdo one of the biggest theories last year: The thought Captain America would die.

Den of Geek voted it “very likely” Captain America would sacrifice his life to capture the Soul Stone so Tony Stark could live. The twist of Stark dying and Steve Rogers going back in time to be with Peggy Carter was one of the great surprise endings of all time. 

If anything, though, the thought any death will stay permanent was probably logical thinking gone over the top.