MCU Fans Want Ryan Reynolds and Jon Bernthal Onscreen Together, Even Though It Will Never Happen

Crossovers are always hoped for when it comes to comic book characters in movies, whether it be Marvel or DC. Due to rights issues, this sometimes never happens, despite always leaving things open for negotiation.

Numerous crossovers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are still being pined for by fans. One of the most coveted is Deadpool and Punisher being together in one movie. Marvel Comics had the two working/fighting together numerous times.

In the real world of making movies, this means the possibility of Ryan Reynolds and Jon Bernthal working together on-screen. Due to one character being tied up with a licensing contract, it probably will not happen soon. Too bad, based on their comic book interactions.

The Punisher’s dark history in Marvel Comics

Jon Bernthal on the red carpet
Jon Bernthal | Phillip Faraone/FilmMagic

Fans on Reddit started an umpteenth thread wishing Deadpool and Punisher could be in a movie together. Not that Deadpool necessarily needs to have another sidekick since the character holds up pretty well in his own movie franchise.

Even so, he and Punisher are both on the same wavelength. Both are dark and crude characters, meaning any movie with them together would likely have a hard R.

In the comics, Punisher (Frank Castle) was initially an enemy of Spider-Man. It turned out he was being manipulated into being a villain, though, by the Jackal. Being a vigilante, Punisher was not friendly with other Avengers either, including even taking on Captain America at one point.

Later, Punisher becomes allies with these characters, begrudgingly. Part of this includes working alongside Deadpool who definitely are not friendly toward one another upon first meeting.

The Punisher/Deadpool relationship had plenty of comedy

Since both of these characters were dark antiheroes, one would think they would hit it off as allies. Their comic book stories had them at each other’s throats most of the time.

Eventually, their encounters grew enough where the comedic, acerbic barbs they threw at one another were similar to what everyone sees in the Deadpool movies today.

Each comic book story with them fighting contained numerous comedic one-liners. At the same time, the stories were extremely violent and not intended for kids. There was even a plot of Punisher cutting Deadpool up into multiple pieces, despite latter having strong enough powers to still talk to Punisher during the grisly process.

All of this comic book history is why fans want to see these two in a movie together. Multiple problems are still in the way, including whether Jon Bernthal would still want to play Punisher.

The Punisher is stuck under Netflix control until 2021


Deadpool Will Reportedly Make His Debut In the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Early as 2022

Due to a prior contract with Netflix, Marvel has no power to use the Punisher in a movie until February 18, 2021, says The Direct. Of course, this agreement came with the series the streaming service had going with Jon Bernthal. Only lasting two seasons from 2017-2019, many considered it the best of all the Marvel streaming shows.

Not enough people watched, unfortunately, leaving it open to the possibility of being resumed through a future movie. With the 2021 right issues, plus COVID-19 in the mix, the chances of Bernthal ever returning to the role as Frank Castle remains remote.

Besides, Bernthal is also in constant demand as an actor. Since leaving The Punisher, he went on to act in various top movies, including Ford v. Ferrari. Regardless, fans still wish for a Deadpool/Punisher match-up someday.

Bernthal might not be too old to play the character again after 2021, and one can only imagine how darkly hilarious a movie with the two characters would play out. If going by the original comic book stories, the MCU would have to let it be known that the PG-13 battle would become moot.