MCU Fans Who Had Tony Stark’s Fate Spoiled for Them Say They Still Broke Down During ‘Endgame’

Spoilers are inevitable in the age of social media. It seems like fans who don’t see much-anticipated movies on opening night are doomed to miss out on the surprise. Spoilers are all over the internet a day after opening night. They’re almost impossible to avoid, so big moments get ruined, especially in big franchises like the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

That’s what happened to a lot of Avengers: Endgame fans. The spoilers were out there, and there were a lot of big moments in the movie to be spoiled. Still, for a lot of fans, even knowing what was going to happen didn’t minimize the emotional impact of important scenes. 

Fans still broke down at Iron Man’s fate

Robert Downey Jr. on the red carpet
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Many fans had the fate of Iron Man in Endgame ruined for them. Fans recently bonded about it on Reddit.

There were a few common ways that fans found out that Iron Man dies in the film. A spoiler gif with a non-Avengers related thumbnail made the rounds, and some fans saw it before seeing Endgame.

That meant that fans had Iron Man’s death spoiled for them thanks to a bit of internet trickery. 

Other Reddit users say Taylor Swift fans ruined the moment. Apparently the pop star’s fans on Twitter were mad about some perceived slight against Swift, so they took to ruining the movie for people in the comments. It seems uncalled-for, but luckily it didn’t ruin the movie for most fans. 

That’s because Iron Man’s death may have been impossible to ruin. Even fans who knew exactly what was going to happen were emotionally wrecked by Iron Man’s death. 

Fans are still not OK after what happened to Iron Man

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Even though Endgame came out more than a year ago, some fans still tear up when they see Iron Man’s final scene again. One Reddit user said they specifically avoid rewatches because of Iron Man’s death. The Russo brothers recently shared a clip from the opening night of Endgame in a UCLA theater.

Even just watching the short clip made some fans emotional. According to one Reddit user: “This just made me cry again even though I’ve seen it probably 50 times since I saw it in the theater. Hearing the crowd come together in this clip brought me back to the theater experience, which makes this so much more emotional.”

So even fans who had the moment ruined didn’t really have it ruined. Fans who fell victim to spoilers or mean spirited pop music fans cried along with everyone else. Just knowing that Iron Man dies may be a spoiler, but it can’t ruin the emotional impact that is built up over the three-hour film.

Fans who just know that Iron Man dies don’t understand how, why, or what his death meant for the Avengers universe, which is where the emotion comes in. 

Iron Man may die in Endgame, but that doesn’t mean it’s the last time fans will see Tony Stark in an Avengers movie. 

Iron Man may not be gone for good 

Marvel’s upcoming movie, Black Widow, actually takes place before Endgame. Although Tony Stark died in the preceding movie, he could appear in future Marvel films if they continue to jump around in time relative to Endgame. Basically, Black Widow might not be the only film to take place before Endgame, in which case Iron Man could reappear. 

Some fans fervently believe that Iron Man isn’t really dead. They are sure he is going to come back one way or another. It’s possible that his death could be reversed with the Infinity Stones somehow, but that might just be wishful thinking.

Other fans think that Tony Stark is essentially backed up to the cloud just like cellphone data. They think Tony could possibly be ‘downloaded’ and come back in computer form. That also seems unlikely, but if it helps fans cope with Iron Man’s death, then it’s best to let them be. 

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