MCU Heroes With Secret Identities Are More Relatable

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is stacked with fans from all over the world. While fans can’t get enough of the MCU heroes, they often debate whether more MCU heroes should have secret identities like Peter Parker and Matt Murdock. While MCU creators don’t seem to care much about secret identities, some fans are more drawn to the heroes with secret identities because it gives them an element of relatability. Read on to learn more about popular MCU heroes with secret identities and why fans love them.

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Popular MCU heroes with secret identities 

As long as comic books have been around, creators have played with the idea of heroes having secret identities. In the Marvel universe, two popular heroes created around the concept of a secret identity were Spider-Man and Daredevil. While best known by the masses by their superhero aliases, Spider-Man and Daredevil are better known, respectively, as Peter Parker and Matt Murdock in their daily lives. 

While not saving the world as Spider-Man, Peter Parker is presented as just a typical guy. The character has gone through a variety of jobs throughout the years. Peter Parker has had stints of working as both a photographer and a chemistry teacher throughout his development. Most recently, the character has been portrayed as a businessman running his own company, Parker Industries. In the same respect, Daredevil is presented as just a regular guy throughout his day-to-day as Matt Murdock. The character works as a lawyer during the day and fights crime throughout New York during the night. 

MCU fans want more heroes to have secret identities

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The aspect of a secret identity not only makes the superhero more mysterious, but it also makes the hero more relatable to fans. Some Marvel fans recently took to Reddit to discuss why they love the secret identity element coupled with superhero personas. 

One fan wrote, “I love the secret identity because it allows the heroes to have a normal life outside the mask – Peter can go to school, Matt Murdock can practice law, etc. – which is the reason why we can relate to these people better.”

Another fan chimed in, “I think some heroes need secret identities, and some heroes don’t, the Avengers don’t really need a secret identity, but heroes like Ms. Marvel, Daredevil, Moon Knight and Spider-Man need them for their own reasons.” While fans appreciate the secret identity aspect of many Marvel heroes, MCU creators have started to stray from the secret identity aspect altogether. 

MCU creators don’t seem to care about maintaining secret identities 

While a lot of fans love the secret identity aspect of MCU heroes because it creates better storylines and makes the heroes more relatable, MCU creators don’t see it the same way, according to The Verge. More and more, creators have been having their superheroes abandon their secret identities altogether. In fact, Peter Parker has been outed and lost his secret identity in both comic book and movie form. While creators like to explore secret identities being exposed, many fans contend that it is a mistake. 

One fan took to Reddit to voice displeasure regarding Peter Parker’s identity being exposed, “I personally think that the handling of Spider-Man’s identity has been atrocious in the MCU. He’s one of those characters who really feeds off their being a Peter Parker side and a Spider-Man side. You take that away, and you lose or a lot of the Spider-Man charm.” Many fans echoed the same sentiment. However, based on how MCU creators have handled secret identities in the past, it’s unlikely that maintaining any heroes’ secret identity will become a top priority.