MCU: How Luke Cage Can Fit Into Marvel’s ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot

Marvel’s recent updates to its Phase 4 and 5 release schedules was expected, but it’s done nothing to quell fan theories about its upcoming shows and movies. It’s too much fun.

While there is some disappointment over the shuffling of certain films, the move is opening up a new can of theory worms when it comes to Marvel properties that are currently in the hands of non-Marvel owners.

Specifically, Luke Cage’s name is being thrown into the mix for a possible MCU appearance. But where and how would he fit in with the expanding universe? The Fantastic Four is one possibility.

Simone Missick and Mike Coulter in 'Luke Cage'
Marvel’s Luke Cage | David Lee/Netflix

Why Luke Cage hope is springing up for MCU

Currently, The Defenders are residents on Netflix, where heroes such as Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, and the Iron Fist received solo outings. At the end of this year, their leases will be up on the streaming platform, and the rights will revert back to Marvel.

Fans are excited about the prospect of Luke and the rest of The Defenders returning home to Marvel, where myriad possibilities for the characters can open up.

Luke Cage was on Netflix for two seasons, and in the last episode, Harlem’s hero found himself in a new position and without a renewal. His story felt incomplete.

Why some believe Luke Cage can appear in the ‘Fantastic Four’ movie

Like most Marvel characters, Luke Cage has a rich history in the comic book canon. After getting acclimated with his powers and morphing into the superhero we know today, he’s fought crime alone and as part of a team.

The “Hero for Hire” has a history of working with Jessica Jones (his eventual wife), The Defenders, Avengers, and with the Fantastic Four. With the latter up for a new film, people believe it’d be the perfect introduction for Luke into the MCU.

In the comics, Luke Cage worked with The Thing from the Fanatastic Four to battle Braggadoom. In a 1976 Marvel Comic, Cage took on his other name – Power Man – and was featured alongside the Fantastic Four as a replacement for Ben Grimm – aka The Thing. The Thing was temporarily without powers and Mr. Fantastic brought Cage into the fold.

He’s gone up against Doctor Doom and Galactus, destroying both of them at different stages in the comics. And of course, he’s been in the Baxter Building.

If the Fantastic Four film introduces one of those villains into the fray, then a cameo from Luke Cage could be a possibility. The MCU likes to slip those special appearances into movies and each of those bad guys has a lengthy comic background with the Fantastic Four. Heck, Galactus even had a trilogy series.

What’s known about the ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot  

There isn’t much being said about the Fantastic Four other than Marvel plans on bringing the franchise back. It’s unclear which version of the superhero collective will be resurrected, but the 2015 film found them going up against Doctor Doom.

It’s assumed that Marvel Studios will create a new story since the film rights reverted back to them.

Prior to that, the rights were with Fox. Knowing that Marvel digs into its comic book roots when crafting cinematic tales, a Luke Cage pop-up isn’t that farfetched.