The Marvel Role Daniel Radcliffe Thinks He ‘Would’ve Been Good’ For

If Daniel Radcliffe has proven anything with his post-Harry Potter career, it’s that he chooses movies based on self-satisfaction rather than financial gain. Starring in another franchise could bring him even more fame and fortune, but he prefers interesting films over box office behemoths. Still, Daniel Radcliffe might make an exception to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe — but not in the role many associate him with.

Daniel Radcliffe at the U.K. premiere of 'The Lost City' in 2022, posing in front of greenery. Radcliffe has been tied to the Wolverine role in the past, but he sees himself more as a Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
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Daniel Radcliffe shot down rumors he’ll play Marvel’s Wolverine

What Radcliffe probably thought was an off-hand joke about him replacing Hugh Jackman as Wolverine went viral. The 5-foot-5 Radcliffe has the stature of Wolverine, which was the basis for his joke. But many MCU fans voiced skepticism about him in the role. 

Years after his initial comment, Radcliffe had to shut down the rumors of him playing Wolverine. Other actors, such as Pablo Schreiber, Karl Urban, Scott Eastwood, and Taron Egerton have been rumored for the role. And Radcliffe finally seems to have severed himself from Wolverine with a set of adamantium claws.

Rumors that Radcliffe could be Moon Knight in the Marvel universe proved untrue, too. He’s not actively seeking out a franchise part, but Radcliffe once revealed there’s one MCU character he’d happily sign up to play.

Radcliffe says he ‘would’ve been a good Spider-Man’

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Playing Wolverine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is likely out, and Daniel Radcliffe doesn’t seem very keen on anchoring another massive franchise at this point in his career — unless the franchise is Spider-Man.

Tom Holland’s debut as Marvel’s premier web-slinger came in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War. Around that time, Radcliffe revealed he would have loved to land the role that has proven to be one of the most successful in the MCU, Metro UK reported.

“I would’ve been a good Spider-Man, but the boat has sailed on that, and I’m very happy to watch Tom Holland do it. He’s fantastic.”

Daniel Radcliffe on his desire to play Spider-Man

Radcliffe as Spider-Man will probably never happen. Starring in eight Harry Potter movies between 2001 and 2011 gave him his fill of franchise films, but he’s open to starring in a shorter run.

“I’m not sure if I’d sign up for something that was another seven or eight films or 10 years, but a shorter franchise, yeah,” Radcliffe told Metro UK.

The actor’s ‘Harry Potter’ franchise fame wasn’t all positive

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The Harry Potter franchise brought Radcliffe nearly instantaneous worldwide fame. And with the fame came side effects. 

Fame led to scrutiny and pressure to live up to expectations. That led him to drink heavily during the later stages of the Potter series as he felt compelled to remain in the role and be a breadwinner for his family.

Radcliffe’s parents initially discouraged his acting dream, but they and his close friends helped him overcome his alcohol misuse. They helped him deal with his fame by keeping him grounded and reassuring him that his identity wasn’t tied to any character, even if it was one of the most beloved characters ever.

Radcliffe might never play Spider-Man, but that doesn’t mean he won’t add another beloved character to his list of roles.

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