MCU: Was Brad Pitt Ever Close to Playing Thor?

Brad Pitt has been one of the most popular actors in Hollywood for decades, and he’s the type of actor who’s down to play almost any role. It’s why he’s worked in action movies like Fight Club as well as weirder movies like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. This type of mentality is also how he got to play Achilles in the historical movie, Troy. Since he’s the type of actor who’s willing to play almost any role, many fans have wondered if he was ever in the running to play Thor in the Marvel movies. Here’s a look at Brad Pitt and his potential involvements in the MCU.

Was Brad Pitt in the running to play Thor?

Brad Pitt smiling
Brad Pitt | Valerie Macon/AFP via Getty Images

In short, no. This was just a rumor that came from social media posts where Marvel fans wondered why Marvel didn’t cast Pitt as Thor due to his looks. In Troy, Pitt plays Achilles, a Greek man who had long locks of blonde hair. Troy isn’t a movie about Vikings, but it was still a historical movie so Pitt got to wear armor and swing around swords and shields. 

If Pitt had a hammer in Troy, then it may be easy to see the resemblance between him and Thor. That said, looks aren’t the only thing that casting directors think about before they make their choice. On top of that, there are many blonde men who could put on a wig and play Thor, but they didn’t get the role. For example, Collider wrote that Alexander Skarsgard, Charlie Hunnam, and Tom Hiddleston all auditioned to play Thor. 

Brad Pitt did have a cameo in the MCU, sort of

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As many fans of Marvel Comics knows, Pitt did have an extremely short, blink and you miss it, cameo in Deadpool 2. He plays an invisible man who doesn’t talk and is literally invisible for the entire movie, up until he dies. When he dies, the movie reveals that the invisible man was played by Pitt, and then there’s a quick shot of him dying. 

Obviously, the Deadpool movies aren’t in the MCU right now. However, ever since Disney bought Fox, Deadpool, as a character, is coming home to the MCU, and, as far as anyone knows, Ryan Reynolds will continue to play Deadpool. This may mean that the Deadpool movies, Pitt cameo included, may become MCU movies in the future. 

But of course, this is all just speculation and it really doesn’t matter too much. Cameos aside, Pitt may still have a future in the MCU, since Marvel is willing to work with him. 

Brad Pitt’s future in the MCU

While Marvel has always cast big names in some roles in the MCU, very recently, Marvel started casting some of the biggest Hollywood stars into the MCU. Angelina Jolie’s role in The Eternals is an example of this, but so is Christian Bale’s role in Thor: Love and Thunder. Unsurprisingly, Pitt is rumored to be in the running for future roles in the MCU, too.

Pitt is an Oscar-winning actor, and he’s shown time and time again that he’s pretty much willing to play almost any role. As a result, it’s too easy to just imagine him playing a Marvel character that looks like him right now. He really can just play almost anything that Marvel offers him.

That said, there are a few more concrete rumors about the character that Marvel wants Pitt to play. Hyperion is a name that comes up pretty often, and he’s pretty much Marvel’s parody of Superman. It’s also been rumored that Marvel is considering him for other roles, such as Doctor Doom and Annihilus. But of course, these are just rumors, and nothing may come from them.