Meg Ryan’s Real Name Is 5 Monikers Long

Meg Ryan is a very beloved actress of our times. Over several decades she has shared her talents and skills for the world while taking on an array of different characters.

The spotlight seems to love Ryan. From on-screen footage to interviews in the press, her fans and followers love learning about her. However, many of her loyal fans and followers may have not realized that the star has been going by her stage name most of her life.

Who is Meg Ryan?

Ryan was born in Fairfield, Connecticut in November of 1961. Her mother and father were both teachers, and Ryan went on to further her education at New York University before quitting. When Ryan decided to end her studies at the university she left to pursue her dreams acting.

In 1982 Ryan landed her first acting gig on the soap opera As the World Turns. A few years later Ryan had the opportunity to work with Tom Cruise in Top Gun. Slowly but surely Ryan’s success and career continued to grow.

Her role as Sally Albright in When Harry Met Sally changed everything. Ryan instantly blew up. She went on to appear in other romantic comedies such as Sleepless in Seattle, French Kiss, and You’ve Got Mail.

Ryan quickly made a name for herself in the romantic comedy genre. However, she didn’t limit herself to one area or category.

Ryan spent the 2000s exploring shooting dramas. Proof of Life, In the Cut, and Against the Ropes are some of the films that she worked on during this period of her life. Though it wasn’t as popular as some of her older work, it still showed the public that Ryan was capable of playing more than just one part. 

Is Meg Ryan married?

Meg Ryan attends the 71st Locarno Film Festival.
Meg Ryan | Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images

Ryan got married Dennis Quaid after co-starring with him in the early ’90s. The two seemed relatively happy together. They welcomed their son, Jack Quaid, to the world in 1992.

However, it seemed like Ryan was luckier and in love on screen than off. In 2001 the couple divorced. Five years later Ryan announced the exciting news of the adoption of her daughter Daisy.

For a while, it seemed like Ryan and John Mellencamp were going to get hitched. However, the couple recently decided to split up. Since Ryan and Mellencamp are both very private individuals, the details surrounding the breakup are rather limited.

What is Meg Ryan’s birth name?

Believe it or not, Ryan’s birth name is actually Margaret Mary Emily Anne Hyra. When Ryan decided she was going to chase her dreams of becoming an actress she also decided that she was going to slightly change her name.

Perhaps Ryan selected Meg as an abbreviated nickname for Margaret. However, Ryan selected “Ryan” as her stage last name since it was her maternal grandmother’s maiden name. It has a beautiful ring to it!

There are many actors, writers, and celebrities who choose different names for a variety of reasons. A name is how the world identifies an individual. Ryan understood the importance of this decision as she began her acting career.

After decades of success, many people would be surprised to learn the truth behind her name. Ryan’s hard work in the acting and film industry has most definitely paid off. Revisit one of her many old masterpieces to see her action.

Her name and the reputation that comes with it speaks volumes. Ryan’s well-loved personality and talented skills are what has gotten her so much success today. Her fans and the public are eager to see if she will continue to share her acting in the future.