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Megan Fox has starred in a wide array of movies like Transformers and Midnight in the Grass. But at one point she felt the roles she played made fans see her as more of an object than a person.

Megan Fox felt like she was in a self-imposed prison earlier in her career

Megan Fox at the Billboard Music Awards.
Megan Fox | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Fox received much criticism earlier in her career. Some of the complaints were leveled at Fox’s candid attitude regarding certain matters in Hollywood and a lack of filter. This led to a trying time in both Fox’s personal and professional life.

“I was brought out and stoned and murdered at one point,” she told InStyle in 2021. “And then suddenly everybody’s like, ‘Wait a second. We shouldn’t have done that. Let’s bring her back.'”

It didn’t help that around this time she also saw critics scrutinizing her for films such as Jonah Hex. But Fox would later reflect on that tumultuous period in her life with a new perspective. Upon that reflection, she realized she was letting others define who she was as an actor and a person.

“I had this incredible breakthrough, and I realized that I had been living in a self-imposed prison for so long because I let other people tell me who I was or what I wasn’t. I hid because I was hurt,” she said.

Megan Fox once felt audiences saw her as a ‘glorified pin-up girl’ because of her films

Fox was considering exploring new and unfamiliar genres in movies as far back as 2011. The actor was known for the sex appeal she displayed when portraying certain characters. But she believed these types of roles created a perception that Fox wanted to get away from. In an interview with Moviefone (via CNN), Fox felt that others saw her as a “glorified pin-up girl.”

“I feel people think I’m almost like a robot — like an android…I just don’t really get portrayed as someone who has feelings or who is sympathetic… like a self-absorbed ice queen,” she added.

She felt that the types of characters she was often given weren’t people who were a part of the real world. These included her roles in Jennifer’s Body and Transformers, where she inhabited parts that were not “not necessarily [people] you connect with.”

She felt that comedy might have been the genre to delve into to break away from this image.

“I love working on comedy film sets,” she said. “They have been the most wonderful experiences and they are nice, kind, fun people.”

Megan Fox felt working in comedies was much easier than doing drama or action films


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In the course of her long career, Fox has pretty much worked in most of the genres that Hollywood has to offer. But the actor found that comedies provided a smoother time when dabbling in the genre. Especially when it came to working with comedic legends like Judd Apatow and Sacha Baron Cohen.

“These are all people I admire and love and what I found is working on comedy sets is a much easier experience than working on a drama or a thriller or an action movie,” she told MTV News in a 2012 interview. “And you go home at night and you’re not exhausted and you’re not bruised or bleeding or scarred. You go home and you go to bed and you wake up and you’re really happy to go to work the next day because everybody’s happy. It’s nice.”