Megan Fox’s 4-Word Observation Explains Her Belief in Bigfoot, Aliens, and Leprechauns

Megan Fox’s persona has taken many forms since she introduced herself to audiences in Transformers. She dealt the same vicious cycle that afflicts all young actors. The beauty that made Fox a star was used to against her as her popularity waned. Making it as a female actor can be a gift and a curse, a fact that Fox acknowledged early on in her career.

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Her dissatisfaction with her status led her to ponder a jarring career change where she could be invisible and live a normal lifestyle. But given her views on humanity as a whole and her current relationship with Machine Gun Kelly, it’s safe to say that Fox’s eccentricity would stand out anywhere regardless of her profession. 

Fox’s career is a prime example of how pop culture mistreats women

The financial success of Transformers, Fox’s second major acting role, gave her a level of security and celebrity that many performers only dream of. But the public perception of her quickly became a cage that she struggled to break out of. Her striking appearance began as an asset and quickly became a problem she could never fix. The quality of the movies she was making was a secondary concern.

Jennifer’s Body is now considered a clever, feminist horror film about female sexuality, but was written off when it was first released. Fox’s language around her complaints about Michael Bay’s behavior missed the mark – comparing someone to Hitler rarely goes well – but the letter director released in response was also poor and did real damage to Fox’s career. 

Fox had the clarity to understand what was happening to her in real-time. In a 2013 interview with Esquire, she speaks about the frustrations of having a persona created about her without having any input on the situation. “I felt powerless in that image,” Fox said.

“I didn’t feel powerful. It ate every other part of my personality, not for me but for how people saw me because there was nothing else to see or know. That devalued me. Because I wasn’t anything. I was an image. I was a picture. I was a pose.”

The profile paints the picture of a woman who is exhausted by fame, only reading scripts and talking to magazine writers at the repeated behest of her agent. She fantasizes about leaving Hollywood behind and pursuing a different passion: archeology. 

“I feel like there’s stuff literally buried there and buried where the Maya were. I would like to uncover the secrets of the universe. In my fantasy.”

She has a nihilistic reason for believing in the supernatural

Fox’s interview also spends a lot of time discussing her belief in the paranormal. The profile begins with her and the writer talking about an Aztec ritual involving human sacrifice, she mentions that she’s read The Book of Revelation multiple times, and it only gets darker from there. 

There is a four-word phrase that describes her worldview: “We are so disappointing.”

When discussing why she believes so strongly in the paranormal, Fox said: “You and I are humans, this is not all of it. This cannot be, because we are so disappointing,” Fox asserts. 

Her experience of being objectified as fodder for tabloids, as well as her time participating in a Pentecostal church as a kid, clearly left a mark on her psyche. Fox is deeply pessimistic about humanity, opining that all of us are inherently a pox on the world. Given how things have gone in the near-decade since this interview, her view has likely become more resolute since then. 

What Fox does believe in is the existence of aliens and other mythological creatures, such as leprechauns, the Loch Ness Monster, bigfoot, and the Bell Witch, referring to them as “my celebrities.” “I am childlike in my spirit, and I want to believe in fairy tales.”

Her intense relationship with Machine Gun Kelly has brought a new form of relevance


Fans React After Megan Fox Announces That She ‘Cut a Hole’ in Her Blue Jumpsuit to ‘Have Sex’ With Machine Gun Kelly

Fox may think higher of human beings now that she’s engaged to Machine Gun Kelly. You have to be in love to do and say most of the things they’ve admitted to the world. 

The couple is well past the point where you can make up stories more outlandish than real life. Giving each other matching tattoos? Of course. Chaining themselves together by their fingernails? No big deal. Drinking their lover’s blood? How else would you react to putting a ring on it?

It’s very easy to snicker at the ridiculous emo melodrama of Fox and Kelly’s romance. But it’s ridiculous on their terms, something that Fox values highly after being chewed up and spit out by pop culture once before.

“I knew right away that he was what I call a twin flame,” she said about her future husband. “Instead of a soul mate, a twin flame is actually where a soul has ascended to a high enough level that it can be split into two different bodies at the same time. So we’re actually two halves of the same soul, I think. And I said that to him almost immediately, because I felt it right away.”