Megan Fox’s New Movie Has Fans Giving it 1 Star Before Even Watching

Media analysts can easily call Megan Fox a modern acting icon in many ways, even if her film work has not always been stellar. Her best-known performances in the Transformers franchise and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies might not sound like the greatest cinematic fodder in the world. Regardless, one can still add a few notable titles to Fox’s filmography to make her stand out above being a mere sex symbol.

While she still resides within an age range considered young for Hollywood (34), she continues to try to prove herself as a worthy actress. Her most recent film, though, is not receiving the notices one would hope. Fans are tearing it apart before its official release date.

Megan Fox smiling at the camera in front of a textured background
Megan Fox | Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

What is Megan Fox’s latest film?

After a three-year break from film acting back in 2016, Fox came back to making movies in 2019 with a number of high-profile projects. None of them became huge box-office hits, but respectable anyway with titles like Zeroville and Think Like a Dog.

Then came her most recent film: Rogue. Fox had begun to make more comedies in recent years, including a stint on TV with New Girl. With Rogue, it was back to action-drama, playing a mercenary who rescues hostages from captivity in Africa. Her character and her team end up fighting rebels and African lions along the way.

As dramatic as that sounds, some early IMDb reviews are already knocking it based merely on the trailer and the synopsis. Is that really fair, or are her fans just wanting to dump on any new project she puts out?

Not everyone is certainly a fan of her movies, albeit Fox being one of the most beautiful actors of the last 20 years. Will the early criticism of Rogue hurt her chances of a major movie comeback?

What are IMDb users saying about ‘Rogue’?

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No one is allowed to write a legitimate review yet for Rogue on IMDb, yet a couple of users managed to make a few negative comments in the FAQ section. Talk about a workaround just to write as much bile as possible.

Then again, it does have to make you laugh seeing someone asking a question of: “Can I please give this movie a 1-star in advance?” Someone facetiously piped in with the answer: “No you can’t. I tried.”

Another hilarious question followed: “This looks horrible. Is this free or are they expecting people to pay to watch?” An answer from another user: “They are expecting people to pay to watch it.”

Maybe this was all from one person trying to troll the film. Then again, when looking at the trailer, it does look like it was made with a limited budget.

A look at the ‘Rogue’ trailer

A look at the trailer shows an example of starting out well and then devolving into a sea of explosions and bad CGI. The first 30 seconds of the trailer gives the film some promise with appealing African cinematography and, seemingly, an intriguing premise.

Once a very obvious CGI African lion attacks Fox’s team of mercenaries, things go downhill from there. Perhaps meant as tongue-in-cheek, the film appears to take itself overly seriously. Apparently no one can make a film in Africa and have any laughs anyway considering the real political turmoil frequently going on there.

Not out until August 28, it seems hard to believe Rogue will have much box office chance other than quickly going to streaming. Because of coronavirus (COVID-19), it seems surprising it has a standard release date anyway.

Thanks to Fox having three other films in the post-production pipeline, Rogue may not be a career killer by any means. Only Fox’s recent relationship with rapper Machine Gun Kelly will probably outdo any film she makes in the coming year.