Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘Traumazine’: How Fans Are Reacting so Far

Megan Thee Stallion dropped Traumazine on Aug. 11, 2022, earning praise from fans worldwide. Here’s what listeners are saying about this “vulnerable” and “so personal” collection by the Grammy Award-winning rapper.

Megan Thee Stallion released her album ‘Traumazine’ in 2022

Megan Thee Stallion performs during Wireless Festival at Finsbury Park
Megan Thee Stallion performs during Wireless Festival at Finsbury Park | Joseph Okpako/WireImage via Getty Images

She’s the baddest — and she’s back with a new album. Megan thee Stallion dropped Traumazine in 2022. This collection featured 18 songs, including the already released track “Sweetest Pie” featuring Dua Lipa. “Scary” features Rico Nasty,” while “Star” includes the vocals of Lucky Daye. 

Megan Thee Stallion fans call ‘Traumazine’ ‘so personal’ and ‘vulnerable’

In a YouTube video, Megan Thee Stallion discussed “thee inspiration” behind her newest song, “Anxiety.” Part of that detailed her real-life experience of being a “bad b****” but still having bad days. 

“Sometimes people can ask you ‘what’s wrong,’ and you be like ‘damn, I don’t know,'” the rapper said with a laugh. “It’s ok to just be not ok, and I can’t give you a specific thing that’s wrong with me today because I’m probably thinking about something that happened to me two months ago.”

The video clip earned dozens of comments from fans, most sharing their support for this newest era of Megan Thee Stallion. One comment said, “Megan’s new album felt so personal like listening to it felt like she opened up to me about her vulnerable feelings, and I really appreciate that.”

“This song really hit hard, harder than an ‘oof,’” another YouTube user wrote. “I felt this whole song and yes, we have bad days. We bounce back, but that doesn’t diminish our lived experience. And yeah, sometimes all I need is someone in my corner saying ‘it will be ok.’”

Megan The Stallion’s ‘Ms. Nasty’ received criticism from some listeners

Just weeks after Beyoncé and Lizzo changed the lyrics to their songs “Heated” and “Grrrls” respectively, Megan Thee Stallion also released a song with an ableist slur. That’s on the seventh track from Traumazine, “Ms. Nasty.”

“Ms. Nasty, everywhere they catch me,” the lyrics read, according to Genius. “Crop me out that picture ’cause my n**** gon’ be sp*zzin.’”

“I really love this album, but I noticed that the word ‘sp*z’ is in the song ‘Ms. Nasty,’ Lizzo and Beyoncé literally just made the same mistake,” one YouTube comment read. “I hope Megan realizes and apologizes to all the disabled people affected by these slurs.”

“I literally only hear about it in music,” one Reddit user said. “None of my family or friend use it, and I don’t hear it in TV or movies. It’s ableist don’t see why everyone’s acting like it’s ok. The controversy is overblown, though. It should have been that they asked them to not use it and not vilified the artist who didn’t know.”

Megan Thee Stallion has not yet commented on this criticism. 

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