Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton Shared ‘Mutual Respect,’ Says New Report

Even the royals experience tension from time to time. Case in point: Prince William and Prince Harry have reportedly been involved in a brotherly feud for quite some time now.

While it is next to impossible to know exactly what goes on behind closed doors, we know that things aren’t what they once were. Prince Harry and Prince William grew up in the royal spotlight, and until recently, they had always been extremely close. The princes supported each other through all the ups and downs that life sent their way, most notably the death of their mother, Princess Diana when they were still young boys. 

When Prince Harry began a relationship with former actress Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, things took a turn for the worse. After a short time, it was evident that Meghan and Prince Harry were getting serious, and before long, the couple announced their engagement.

After getting married, rumors began that Meghan wasn’t getting along with her new sister-in-law, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. However, the real feud was between Prince Harry and Prince William, and a new report says that Meghan and Kate shared “mutual respect.” 

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton have very different roles in the royal family

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle standing next to each other, not smiling
Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle | Karwai Tang/Getty Images

There is no denying the fact that Meghan and Kate are two of the most famous women in the entire world. Neither of them comes from a royal background, and we can’t imagine that either ever imagined marrying a handsome prince, yet that is exactly what happened.

Kate, who is also known as the Duchess of Cambridge, is in the unique position of being a future queen. Her role within the royal family is extremely high-profile, and she does an amazing job of carrying out all of her duties.

Meghan, on the other hand, had a much tougher time as a working royal. The Duchess of Sussex was relentlessly harassed by the British tabloids, and it got to the point where she and Prince Harry felt that stepping down as senior royals would be the best thing for them.

For the last few months, they have been on an independent journey, taking up residence in Meghan’s home state of California, and doing things their own way. 

Meghan and Kate’s alleged feud may not have existed

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When Meghan and Prince Harry announced their engagement, many fans expected that the former actress and Kate would become instant best friends. The truth is, that didn’t happen.

Instead, fans started seeing reports that the two of them weren’t getting along at all. Although they appeared to be acting civil toward each other, there was talk of Kate leaving a fitting for Princess Charlotte’s bridesmaid dress in tears.

Some people even went so far as to say that when they weren’t in front of the cameras, the two duchesses couldn’t even be in the same room together. However, we quickly learned that this wasn’t true and that the real tension was between their husbands: Prince William and Prince Harry.

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle shared ‘mutual respect’

Not only were Meghan and Kate not the ones who were at war, but a new report says that they had a “mutual respect” for each other. In fact, a source told Vanity Fair that “Meghan and Kate actually got on rather well from the start.”

While they certainly weren’t best friends, they “treated each other with mutual respect” and “each was far too canny to make an enemy of a prospective sister-in-law—it only made sense to be friends.” Looks like Meghan and Kate knew that royal life isn’t easy and that they needed to get along and support each other in order to keep the drama at a minimum, and that’s exactly what they did.