Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Under Fire For Selling Out, Accused of ‘Exploiting’ Princess Diana’s Death for Their Gain

Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex might not be as under the microscope as they once were since quitting the royal family, but that doesn’t mean their critics are done taking aim at them. After the Sussexes spoke at a JP Morgan event in Miami, Meghan’s toughest critic, Piers Morgan, slammed the couple for selling out.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS – WPA Pool/Getty Images

The couple landed a speaking gig

One of the stipulations of the Sussexes leaving the royal family was that they would need to become financially independent — and it looks like they landed their first paid gig, with rumors that they were paid between $500,000 and $1 million for their appearance.

During the appearance at the summit, Prince Harry spoke about mental health and the therapy that’s helped him deal with his mother Princess Diana’s death.

Morgan writes in a piece for the Daily Mail how “none of this was new territory. Indeed, Harry has talked of little else in recent years, constantly emoting in public speeches about his ‘struggle’ with his grief even now, 23 years later.”

While Morgan admits that “it would take a heart of stone not to have sympathy” for Prince Harry having to mourn in front of viewers for his mother’s televised funeral, the TV presenter doesn’t think that it’s necessary for Harry to continue to publicly discuss his loss and grief for “a big fat fee.”

In fact, Morgan calls it “brazen hypocrisy,” writing, “By commercially exploiting his mother’s death to make vast pots of money like this, Harry is surely behaving in exactly the same way he professes to despise from the media.”

Morgan takes aim at the eco-warriors’ hypocrisy

Morgan points out other ways that the Sussexes have been hypocritical, including preaching about environmental awareness then flying on private planes. He explained, “Harry and Meghan like to tell us what to do, but not be held to any account for their double standard actions at taxpayer’s expense.”

“The Sussexes were flown to the JP Morgan forum in the firm’s lavish Gulfstream private plane, from the $11 million mansion in Vancouver they’ve been living in for the past few months as guests of a mysterious billionaire benefactor,” Morgan notes.

Morgan further shares that JP Morgan has invested billions of dollars into fossil fuel companies. “Just the type of company a pair of royal eco-warriors would want to support and take money from — right?!,” Morgan writes. “In fact, it’s hard to imagine a more ludicrously inappropriate first gig for them to take in their brave new progressive, planet-saving royal celebrity world.”

Did the Sussexes want freedom for the wrong reasons?

Morgan goes on share that, while the Sussexes may get paid for appearances, they will have to move beyond “the same old depressing speech about Diana and mental health.”

He adds: “The speed with which Harry and Meghan have sold out to these woefully ill-suited banking ‘partners’ is as staggering as their willingness to use Diana’s death to justify the fees is distasteful.”

“The Sussexes said they quit British royal life because they wanted peace, privacy and the freedom to focus on projects like saving the planet,” Morgan explains. “In fact, as we now can see, they just wanted the freedom to whore out their royal names to the highest planet-wrecking investment bank bidders.”