Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Media Strategy is ‘Applauded’ by Communications Expert

It almost seems that Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry have been dealing with intense media pressure from the time that they first announced that they were in a serious relationship. The British tabloids just can’t get enough of them, and no matter what, it is actually as if they are constantly being portrayed in a negative light.

In fact, the main reason that Meghan and Harry decided that they were going to resign from their positions as senior working royals was because of the media scrutiny and the toll that it was taking on their lives. Even now that the royal exit is complete, and Prince Harry and Meghan have moved thousands of miles away to Los Angeles, California, they are still making headlines on a regular basis.

Despite attempts to let the media know that they would like some degree of privacy, they haven’t really gotten that yet, and they are doing something about it. Now, Meghan and Prince Harry’s media strategy is “applauded” by a communications expert.

The letter to the tabloids

Meghan and Harry are a notoriously private couple. From even before they were married, they did what they could to in order to stay out of the spotlight, and after the royal wedding, they surprised everyone by moving away from Kensington Palace and taking up residence in the countryside of Windsor, England. Now that the Sussexes are living in California and are officially independent, they have taken a major step by writing a letter saying that they no longer want to be connected to the four major British tabloids. In the letter, the couple severs all ties with The Mirror, The Express, the Daily Mail, and The Sun, and they are extremely adamant about conveying their message. 

The letter wasn’t exactly well-received by most

Naturally, most people couldn’t keep quiet about how Meghan and Harry are approaching the situation with the news media. According to the Stylist, it has been met with quite a bit of backlash, and some people are even going so far as to say that they should ‘severe ties with their public relations team”. The couple made it clear that they will still have relations with other news outlets that specifically deal with their work, however, they wish to separate themselves from the tabloids that have created so much drama for them over the past few years. Meghan and Harry are definitely working toward their new life of independence.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s media strategy is ‘applauded’ by a communications expert

Although the letter from Meghan and Harry definitely caused some backlash, there is one person who feels quite differently. Julian Obubo, a communications professional and brand strategy director, is officially giving his praise to the duke and duchess for what they have said and the actions that they have taken. PR Week reports that Obubo feels that Meghan and Harry have done the right thing since they have nothing to gain from the relationships with the four major tabloids. He feels that by being independent and using their own efforts to have the members of the public see them as they want to be seen, they will get much farther than if they continued to have connections to the British tabloids. Obubo has been very clear that he completely supports Meghan and Harry’s media strategy, and for good reason. He knows all too well that the tabloids don’t always present high-profile people in the best way possible, especially Meghan and Harry. Looks like the Sussexes have someone on their side who definitely agrees with their way of thinking, and who feels that they have taken the first step in the right direction.