Meghan Markle’s ‘Archetypes’ Podcast Might Be Turned Into a Book, Says Royal Expert

If you like Meghan Markle’s Archetypes podcast, you’re in for a treat. A royal family expert says it’s possible that a collection of the full-length Archetypes interviews will be turned into a book. Here’s what we know.

Meghan Markle might release a new book based on ‘Archetypes’

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry walk together during an event.
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry | DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Royal expert Neil Sean says Meghan Markle might come out with a new book based on her Spotify podcast, Archetypes. According to him, the book would include full-length interviews from the show.

“Her podcast, as we know, started off pretty well because it was a curiosity,” says Sean during his video commentary. “A few weeks in, we’re now really bored because it’s just lecturing you at a time really when we’ve got no money, we want to have more fun, and more importantly, do we really care about many of the topics? That’s the bottom line.” Sean jokes that Meghan could probably get more listeners if she discussed household hints or “how to manage on a million.”

Sean says Meghan is about to take a step in a new direction. “She’s about to translate her podcast into a potential book,” says Sean. “The deal behind this is that apparently you only have a limited time in the podcast to get the story over that you want. There’s far more in-depth chat going on that’s not actually broadcast.”

According to Sean, the team believes transferring the podcast interviews into a book would give “a deeper meaning” to the conversations. This way, listeners can hear comments and ideas that might not have been aired.

How big will Meghan Markle’s potential book deal be?

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Sean says he doesn’t think an Archetypes book deal would be as big as the deal she had when she released The Bench. “Given the fact that The Bench, her previous novel or whatever you want to call it, didn’t exactly fly off the shelves, one would suspect that perhaps the deal isn’t as mega as that particular deal. Perhaps it’s part of the three-book deal that she did sign with Penguin Random House.”

Who will buy Meghan Markle’s book?

Sean says not everyone is a fan of Archetypes. However, he says there are some young people (millennials and Generation Z) who enjoy what Meghan has been putting out, and they will likely be interested in a book version of Archetypes. On the other hand, he also points out that the younger generation is used to getting content for free on the internet, so this could cause a problem.

“What’s interesting here is I’m told that the Generation Z people apparently do like everything that [Meghan] is doing but apparently they’re not very good at parting with their money because they live in a free digital world,” says Sean. “Of course, they do; they’re not going to buy these books. But seemingly, Meghan is plowing ahead. So, if you do enjoy those podcasts–and I’m sure there’s one or two people that do—then you can look forward to even more. Apparently, at some stage in 2023.”

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