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When the media got wind that Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, and Prince Harry were an item in late 2016, there was a frenzy of excitement surrounding them. Everyone was delighted and interested in the mixed-race American actress who had a heart for helping others and speaking for human rights issues.

Leading into the Sussexes’ engagement and shortly thereafter, the British press and public were interested in Meghan, but they weren’t cruel and invasive like they would become after the wedding. The tabloids and false statements began following the duchess’ fallout with her father, Thomas Markle, Sr., and they never let up.

In fact, things got so bad for Meghan in the last couple of years leading up to Megxit, that she reportedly believed there was a conspiracy against her. However, a royal expert is now saying, the tabloids and press began attacking her to make things more interesting.

Meghan Markle had no idea what the British press would be like

Meghan and Prince Harry were gleeful and glowing during their first BBC interview as an engaged couple in November 2017. It was clear that they had high hopes regarding the good they’d be able to do within the British royal family. In the background, however, the duchess’ friends gave her a stark warning about royal life.

In October 2019, during an interview for ITV’s Harry and Meghan: An African Journey, Meghan got candid about what she was enduring. “I had no idea,” she said at the time. “Which probably sounds difficult to understand here, but when I first met my now-husband, my friends were really happy because I was so happy, but my British friends said to me, ‘I’m sure he’s great, but you shouldn’t do it because the British tabloids will destroy your life.’”

After the interview, things for the Sussexes only got worse.

Meghan Markle refused to back down from the press

Despite everything, Meghan has never backed down from the press. With Prince Harry supporting her, she’s spoken up and filed lawsuits against several tabloids.

“It was felt that she was demanding,” royal author Tom Quinn explained to Fox News. “I think Meghan felt, ‘I’ve got to really do this. I’ve got to show them that I mean business.’ … I think there’s some truth in it, in the problem being that she’s so different. And so that inevitably made it more difficult from the outset for her to be accepted fully as part of the royal family. And the press is very powerful in Britain.”

Prince Harry has also spoken openly about why he feels the British press is actually terrified of his wife. “For most, all of my life, I’ve always been part of a family and part of a country that is scared of the tabloid media because they have so much power and influence and no morals (laughs),” he explained in a leaked phone call in February 2020. “From the moment that I found a wife that was strong enough to be able to stand up for what we believe in together, has basically scared them so much that they’ve now come out incredibly angry, they’ve come out fighting, and all they will try and do now is try and destroy our reputation and try and, you know, sink us. But what they don’t understand is the battle we are fighting against them is far more than just us. Even though they want to make it personal they are scared because we are some of the first two people willing to stand up to their bullying and my wife, we can’t stand back. It hasn’t been very nice. It’s been horrible but we will come out of it stronger people.”


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The British press turned on Meghan Markle because being nice was too ‘boring’

In the end, treating Meghan kindly was too boring for the British press. The duchess was also an easy target since she was so different. “The nicknames, they’re inevitable,” Quinn told Fox News. “The British press are famously good at taking someone and building them up and saying they’re absolutely wonderful. And then when that story runs out of steam, they need something else. So they then come up with the opposite. They run that person down… The nicknames were picked up by the press and used against Meghan. They did, in fact, come from the palace.”

It’s no wonder the duchess felt there was a conspiracy against her. The press’s treatment of her seemed to change overnight. “They loved Meghan initially and that actually made it easy for Meghan to feel that she was part of the family,” Quinn explained. “But when they decided that story was boring… they emphasized she was difficult because of this difference.