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Meghan Markle’s body language has been analyzed many times, revealing some of her emotions in various situations. One expert examined a past video of Meghan and Prince Harry at an event showing her “concealed anger and frustration.”

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry wearing a yellow dress and suit, respectively, during the Your Commonwealth Youth Challenge reception in 2018
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry | Yui Mok/PA Wire

Meghan Markle projects a ‘hostile’ look in video, according to expert

Body language expert Jesus Enrique Rosas examined a clip from Prince Harry and Meghan’s meeting with young leaders in 2018.

In his YouTube video, Rosas explained, “Harry is the one talking at that moment and we can guess that everyone was listening to him.” The body language expert then directed his attention to Meghan’s facial expression.

Rosas backed up to look at the time before Harry speaks, noting how they both seem tense. Meghan appears to give an “up and down look that was a bit mean” at the woman they’re talking to.

He tried to give the benefit of the doubt that perhaps Meghan was looking at the woman as she gestured with her hands. There’s more to Meghan’s glance, however. “When someone keeps their head fixed and just lowers their gaze … that’s what happens here,” he explained. “That’s why Meghan’s look projects a negative or even hostile feeling.”

He added, “She’s literally giving the woman an up-down look right on her face. And nobody likes to be seen like that.”

Meghan Markle’s body language was tense and showed ‘anger or frustration’

When Harry begins talking, Rosas addressed Meghan’s reaction. He noted that her facial muscles show tension. “The moment someone else begins to talk or interrupts her or upsets her presence in any way, this is the same pattern all the time,” he explained.

Meghan shows jaw tension, juts out her chin, and reveals her lower teeth. Rosas explained these signals are “almost always concealed anger or frustration.”

The expert said Meghan’s expression also looked like “she really wanted to talk at that moment or control whatever Harry was saying at that time.”


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Meghan appeared ‘triggered,’ expert said

Meghan’s neck muscles also appear tense, Rosas said, because of her posture when she turns her head to look at Harry. “But when you take a good look at the complete image of her torso, her neck, and her head, you can actually feel a great deal of tension that is absolutely unnecessary for a posture as simple as this,” he explained.

Rosas added, “The duchess was absolutely triggered.”

Although Meghan “tries to cool down” when she looks away from Harry, Rosas said she displayed “more signals of the same emotion” when she presses her lips together and clenches her jaw again. “This is what’s so disturbing about Meghan in these situations,” Rosas explained.

He continued, “But the problem is that she is not doing that jaw clenching in a way to emphasize her communication. She is doing it to vent an emotion.”

Rosas explained that Meghan reacts this way when she’s being ignored. The combination of body language signals, according to Rosas, shows a “strong, concealed anger reaction of Meghan to Harry speaking.”

He added, “This is much more than being impatient. And that’s one of the reasons why Meghan is seen as narcissistic over and over again.”