Meghan Markle’s ‘Cringe’ Gesture at Event With Prince Harry Exposed Her Insecurity, Body Language Expert Says

Meghan Markle’s insecurity was on display during one “cringe” moment with Prince Harry, according to a body language expert. Meghan and Harry insisted on holding hands at an event and it proved challenging in some ways.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stand under an umbrella with Meghan wearing a turquoise dress and Harry in a blue suit
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | Samir Hussein/WireImage

Meghan Markle’s insecurity was on display, according to an expert

In a video on his YouTube channel The Body Language Guy, expert Jesús Enrique Rosas discussed the “cringe video of Meghan and Harry where they are holding hands on a royal engagement” in 2020. Rosas noted how intent they were to stay connected in the video.

“Besides being cringe and a public display of insecurity, there are a couple more things that this gesture reveals about their personalities,” Rosas shared.

He pointed out how the hand holding is similar to the way Harry and Meghan often touch each other at events. “Now it’s not that touching between couples is something bad or forbidden,” Rosas said. “In fact, touch is one of the most important manifestations of love.”

The expert does, however, believe you should adapt your behavior in a way that’s appropriate to the situation. “If you’re at work, you should behave in a professional way,” he explained. A more casual setting, by contrast, allows “more freedom in how you communicate your affection.”

The body language expert found Harry and Meghan’s gesture unprofessional for the setting

Rosas shared how the Sussexes holding hands wasn’t suitable for the situation. “I’m really worried about anyone that thinks these affection displays while working are normal or even cute,” he said. “Because, in this setting, Meghan and Harry were actually working. They were working royals at the time and were at a royal engagement. Something that is part of the job.”

He commented, “No matter how much you love your partner, that would look silly and unprofessional, to say the least.” According to Rosas, Harry and Meghan conveyed a message of “profound insecurity” when they held hands.

He continued, “They are aware that this is not the place or time for public displays of affection. And even so, they think they are getting away with something by doing that.”

There’s even an awkward moment where Harry reaches out to shake another man’s hand while he’s still holding onto Meghan’s hand. “Notice here how she just stands straight, without letting go of his hand, waiting for him to just finish and doesn’t have the slightest gesture towards the person he’s trying to talk to,” Rosas pointed out. “So add bad manners to the list.”

Rosas said “what they are signaling, is being unprofessional. Not taking their jobs seriously.”


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Rosas said the behavior draws too much attention to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

The body language expert also noted how Prince Harry and Meghan aren’t doing themselves any favors with bringing attention to the initiatives and charities they support because they “bring attention” to themselves.

“You use your fame and notoriety to bring awareness to whatever you’re selling or whatever you want to convince others of doing,” he said. “This behavior of Meghan and Harry is just bringing attention to themselves.”

He noted that it “reveals a deeper problem,” as “narcissists always crave attention and approval of those around them.”

The expert explained, “Narcissists actually have a deep insecurity about themselves so they need that constant influx of supply, or narcissist fuel, to have the tiniest bit of self-confidence in themselves.”

Rosas added, “These signals of insecurity, such as Meghan and Harry holding hands like they are some kind of high school couple, tells you that they did not take these events seriously.”

When you’re in a professional setting, Rosas said, there are “rules of behavior” to follow. In the case of Harry and Meghan, the expert said, “When someone desperately craves attention at all costs, they will display creepy quirks like these.”