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Though she’s mostly been seen via video calls and on Zoom since moving back to her home state of California, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex’s look has changed drastically since shedding the royal wardrobe protocol. Now that the duchess no longer has to adhere to particular standards of dress, she’s free to wear whatever her heart desires.

The former actor’s sense of personal style is remerging with her hairstyles and jewelry choices. Earlier on during quarantine, fans raved over the duchess’ half-up and half-down style which was the perfect remedy to look poised and put together even if you haven’t been able to head to a salon in quite some time.

Now, fans are marveling at how much the duchess’ hair has grown in the months since Megxit, and fans can’t get enough of her dazzling mermaid curls.

Meghan Markle is super detail-oriented when it comes to her style

While she was in the royal fold, Meghan’s style always looked effortless. However, the duchess always took a ton of time to painstakingly put her looks together. She was very much concerned with her image.

London-based stylist George Northwood revealed to Daily Mail, “Her hair often looks so effortless but she’s actually the most thoughtful person, even down to the smallest detail like her jewelry.”

We’re certain Meghan is appreciating these more laid back looks when it comes to how she dresses and how she does her hair.

Meghan Markle’s hair is super long now

In July 2020, fans first realized the duchess’ hair had grown out a ton. Though they kept it under wraps for some time, the Sussexes had moved from Tyler Perry’s Beverly Hills home to their new permanent residence in Santa Barbara. Though we’re sure the move was stressful, the pair never missed a beat and they continued to make virtual appearances.

During an appearance for the 2020 Girl Up Leadership Summit, Meghan wore her dark brown hair down, draping over her shoulders. Fans marveled that it was the longest we’d ever seen her hair, far longer than any style she’d ever worn as a senior working member of the British royal family.

In fact, Meghan’s hair was so startling that some fans believed that she’d gotten extensions put in. Celebrity hairstylist James Johnson explained that keeping her hair sleek straight was probably just easier for Meghan amid quarantine. He told Femail,

Meghan’s straight hair is the easy at home sleek look. Having like this is still elegant and professional yet still delivers a level a coolness to match her LA vibe! Keeping the ends blunt helps make the hair look thicker. The hair makes her look more influencer than royal as it’s more youthful and current.


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A closer look at Meghan Markle’s mermaid curls

Though she’s styling herself these days, Meghan clearly isn’t afraid to have fun and step outside the box. On Aug. 15, Meghan interviewed journalist Emily Ramshaw about her experiences co-founding of The 19th. The 19th is a non-partisan platform that covers topics at the intersection of politics, policy, and gender.

The convo between Ramshaw and Meghan was amazing, but fans were also drawn into the duchess’ mermaid curls. It appears that she used large rollers or wide-barrelled hot tools in order to get her curls, pinning them into place before setting them with spray and brushing them out before her interview.

Either way, Meghan looks stunning.