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Meghan Markle’s body language is often meticulously analyzed to find hidden clues. One expert said Meghan’s facial expressions can sometimes be “disturbing.” He studied her expressions at one event and pointed out a moment of “creepiness.”

Meghan Markle wears a blue dress and looks to the side while smiling as she holds hands with Prince Harry, wearing a suit and tie, after leaving the 100 Days to Peace concert in 2018
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry | Karwai Tang/WireImage

A body language expert shares insight into Meghan Markle’s facial expressions

Body language expert Jesús Enrique Rosas explored Meghan’s facial expressions in a video clip from a 2018 London gala event. In a video on his YouTube channel The Body Language Guy, Rosas pointed out how Meghan displays a certain expression when she’s being ignored.

“I stumbled upon this clip with a fresh set of Meghan’s creepy expressions and I knew I had to take a closer look at it,” Rosas said.

“Just to be clear, when I say Meghan’s face can be really disturbing, I’m not talking about her looks,” he noted. “But her facial expressions. Emotional displays that anyone could express but, if they do, they are going to elicit the same response in those around them — creepiness.”

Rosas called the clip of Meghan and Prince Harry meeting performers after an event “one of the best examples” of Meghan’s bizarre expressions. The body language expert pinpointed a moment when “something odd starts to happen to her face.”

He noted, “Somehow she does it only when she is not being seen by anyone or the person she’s talking to is looking in another direction.”

Meghan’s change in facial expression could be because of ‘stress’

According to Rosas, Meghan doesn’t always display this expression so “it could be easily related to severe stress” in this clip.

He continued, “Meghan is a very controlled woman, especially in social environments when she has these wacky facial displays.”

The body language expert gave her some benefit of the doubt because the clip captured a moment after the event. By comparison, when Meghan arrived at the venue, her expression was quite different.

“There were no traces of those creepy faces,” he explained. “Or maybe she didn’t have to talk to anyone at that moment?”

Rosas wondered what triggered Meghan’s expression, saying, “Our faces, most of the time, work as a system. They are based on a system of muscles, working to express a stream of consciousness so others can pick it up.”

Rosas called Meghan’s expressions “disjointed” in the video clip. “That’s why she could be smiling with her mouth but her eyes be absolutely emotionless,” he said. “And when someone’s eyes are hard to read, this makes it difficult for you to read their intentions.”

He added, “And when you’re not clear about the intentions of someone, you’re going to worry, at least subconsciously.”


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The expert explains why Meghan Markle’s expressions are ‘fascinating’

Rosas calls Meghan a “fascinating specimen to study” because “her facial expressions just don’t match the current emotion that she wants to convey with her words.” This can be interpreted by others in an “unsettling” way, according to the expert.

“That just sets off everyone’s alarms,” he said. “It’s absolutely normal if you find her facial expressions unsettling because it’s very hard to make sense of them.”

Rosas added, “And by breaking that cardinal rule of communication between humans, then most people will end up having trust issues with her.”

He also explained that Meghan seems to display this expression “when she’s not the center of attention.”

“There is no better term to explain that than good old narcissism,” Rosas noted.