Royal Fans Are Convinced Meghan Markle Has Hair Extensions

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex has been working overtime to reclaim her image amid Megxit. While working as a senior member of the British royal family, Meghan had to adhere to certain protocols and standards of dress. However, now that she is embarking on a new career without the royal purse strings, the duchess is considering something different.

Amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the duchess has been hunkering down in LA and doing virtual events and appearances. Already, she appears lighter and more confident. Though things are still very much in the air about her future endeavors, freedom looks great on Meghan.

Now, after seeing the duchess’ most recent “Markle Sparkle” look, fans are even guessing that she has been dabbling in hair extensions.

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Meghan Markle’s style just changed dramatically

In the months since leaving the British royal family, Meghan’s style has shifted drastically. Though she’s mostly been seen virtually, she no longer has to adhere to certain rules about her clothing choices.

During an appearance at the 2020 Girl Up Leadership Summit, she sported bare shoulders, glowing skin, and a pink lip. When she has been seen out and about, typically volunteering with her husband, Prince Harry, Meghan has been ultra-casual wearing sneakers and joggers.

All of these looks make her seem even more relatable to fans.

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Meghan Markle has super long hair now

Since March, Meghan has been hunkering down in Tyler Perry’s Beverly Hills home with Prince Harry and their baby son, Archie. Since hair salons are closed it appears that Meghan has been adhering to social distancing rules and not getting her hair cut or styled professionally.

During her recent virtual speech for the 2020 Girl Up Leadership Summit, the duchess wore her chocolate brown tresses down and they stretched well past her back. It was the longest we’d ever seen it.

Typically, royal protocol calls for a neat and “natural” look, but Meghan opted for a Rupuzel length with shorter pieces framing her face.

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Royal fans are convinced Meghan Markle has extensions

We think Meghan’s super long hair is simply because she has not had access to a hair salon. However, some royal fans are convinced that the duchess added some extensions to make her look more dramatic.

One fan commented, “‘I love Meghan but she’s def wearing extensions, which there’s nothing wrong with that, her hair is shorter in those pics of them at the dentist a few days ago.” Another refuted the theory saying, “Meg has a thick, full head of hair. It’s naturally curly so when she blows it out straight, it’s going to be much longer.”

Celebrity hairstylist James Johnson had his own theory about the duchess’ new look. “Meghan’s straight hair is the easy at home sleek look,” he told Femail. “Having like this is still elegant and professional yet still delivers a level a coolness to match her LA vibe! Keeping the ends blunt helps make the hair look thicker. The hair makes her look more influencer than royal as it’s more youthful and current.”