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Meghan, Duchess of Sussex is a divisive personality in the media. While she is often praised by supporters, some people from her past have alleged there is another part of her personality the public does not see.

According to a childhood friend, Meghan often wants things to go her way, and she has a “stubborn” method of making sure that happens.

Meghan Markle dressed in a black and grey coat at Anzac Day dawn service
Meghan Markle | TOLGA AKMEN/AFP via Getty Images

Meghan Markle’s childhood friend stopped being friends with her

At the age of two, Meghan became friends with Ninaki “Nikki” Priddy. The two of them remained best friends for many years. According to the Daily Mail, Priddy said she and Meghan were basically “family.”

However, Meghan and Priddy friendship soured after Meghan started gaining some attention on the show Suits. Priddy alleged that Meghan “developed a sense of entitlement.”

“Even by season two of Suits, she was turning down lunch with us because she said she’d be recognised,” Priddy shared. “I felt if I questioned her behaviour, I’d be left on the outside. Sometimes the truth is not always what you want, is it?”

Priddy added, “Her time became increasingly important. When she was in town, she’d want you to drop everything to see her. If I was busy, it would be, ‘Why don’t you want to see me? I’m here. Let’s hang out!’ There were instances when I felt she developed a sense of entitlement because she was on the show.”

Eventually, it felt to Priddy that Meghan was not “the friend I’d grown up with any more.”

Meghan Markle’s childhood friend gave insights into her ‘stubborn’ behavior

Because Priddy was friends with Meghan from childhood until adulthood, she has some insights into how the duchess might be behind closed doors.

According to Priddy, Meghan often gave her the silent treatment if things didn’t go Meghan’s way. Priddy was usually the one to break the ice.

“If you rubbed her up the wrong way, she’d make it known with the silent treatment,” Priddy said. “There was a time, when we were about seven, and I’d collected a bunch of insects. She didn’t want to play with them. We spent two hours sitting at opposite ends of the garden with our backs to each other in silence.”

Priddy continued, “I’d always be the first to apologise. I just wanted to be besties again. She was stubborn. She digs her heels in the ground.”

Meghan Markle reportedly acted in a similar manner with Prince Harry


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Meghan’s “stubborn” behavior is not unique to her friendship with Priddy. She reportedly acts in a similar manner with Prince Harry. According to the book Meghan and Harry: The Real Story by Lady Colin Campbell, Meghan did this on many occasions if she did not like the people Harry was hanging out with.

“I was told by many different sources that Meghan has a habit of walking off from big groups,” Lady Colin wrote.

“If she doesn’t feel comfortable, she doesn’t make any effort to fit in,” the author continued. “She removes herself from the scene. However, she only does this when she is with a man or when there is a man around on whom she has her eye. He then has a choice. He either leaves her to stew on her own, or he goes and joins her.”