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When Meghan, Duchess of Sussex officially joined the British royal family, many people thought she would follow, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge‘s example. Kate is beloved by the British press and the public. She’s worked over the years to hone her focus on childhood education and development while remaining aligned with the traditions of the royal family.

When Meghan joined The Firm in 2018, she hoped to bring some of her own passions to the royal family while modernizing some of the family’s customs. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned. From almost the beginning, Meghan was bullied and harassed in the press.

In the end, since nothing was done to protect the Duchess of Sussex, she and Prince Harry decided to leave the royal family. Now, a royal expert says Meghan should have followed in Kate’s footsteps and ignored bad press.

Kate Middleton dealt with a ton of bad press when she first married Prince William

In the years leading up to her marriage to Prince William and in the first couple of years of her marriage, the Duchess of Cambridge dealt with her share of bad press. It was never racially charged like Meghan’s, but it was still prevalent.

“The press initially was very unkind to Kate Middleton and her parents,” royal author Tom Quinn told Fox News. ” They would describe how her mother Carole descended from the lowest of the low as she labored away in a very poor suburb of London. Now Carole is praised as a doting mother. But she never complained. She never said a word. And within a few days, the press moved on to something else. The same happened with Kate.”

Though it’s much fewer and far between, Kate has continued to deal with tabloids. Last year, rumors swirled that Prince William had an affair with her good friend, Rose Hanbury. And recently Tatler Magazine claimed the duchess was deeply upset with her workload following Megxit.

Meghan Markle stood up against the British press

An American actress who was used to controlling her own narrative, Meghan was adamant about standing up to the press. She called them out in interviews, filed lawsuits, and had Prince Harry speak on her behalf.

Unfortunately, many royal experts felt that this was the Duchess of Sussex’s ultimate downfall. “She should never try to explain herself,” Quinn said. “It just doesn’t work. Meghan constantly said, ‘All I want for the press is to be fair.’ Well, that’s so naive. That’s not what the press does. They’re not interested in being fair. The press is just interested in stirring up some fun. It can be painful.”


Kate Middleton Was Brutally Mocked in the Press After She Got Engaged to Prince William

Royal experts say Meghan Markle should have followed Kate Middleton’s approach with bad press

Many royal experts believe that if Meghan would have followed in Kate’s footsteps when it came to handling the press, Megxit might have never happened.

“Kate didn’t say anything,” Quinn explained. “Since they didn’t respond, the press didn’t have anything to sink their teeth into. If the press says something unkind and you respond, then the anger becomes the story. Someone once [told me] it’s the price [these royals] pay for being paid millions every year by British taxpayers to live like 18th-century aristocrats.”

However, it looks like Kate and Prince William might actually be following in the Sussexes’ example. Following the release of the explosive profile on Kate from Tatler Magazine titled “Catherine the Great” the pair are taking legal action over “a swathe of inaccuracies and false misrepresentations.”