Meghan Markle Is More Confident Than Ever, Body Language Expert Explains

A lot has been said about Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, both true and untrue. However, if we’ve learned anything about the former actress it’s that she’s never going to allow anyone to tell her story for her. Though she wanted to do well as a senior working member of the British royal family, the duchess was not willing to simply adhere to traditional rules that made her feel stifled.

Deciding that she could not be her true self as a member of the royal family, Meghan, and her husband, Prince Harry have left the U.K. for her hometown of LA. Megxit, as it’s been called, hasn’t gone according to plan so far. The Sussexes could never have anticipated the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic or LA becoming one of the nation’s biggest hotspots.

However, that doesn’t mean Meghan isn’t using her voice. In fact, one body language expert has revealed that amid the rumors, the alleged fallout with her friend, Jessica Mulroney, and a lawsuit against Mail on Sunday, the duchess is more confident than ever.

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Meghan Markle was accused of being ‘disturbingly self-confident’ by royal experts

One of the aspects of Meghan’s personality that clashed with the royal staff and experts was her independence and self-confidence. Though these are obviously stellar character traits, the royal family does not operate that way.

“Meghan is much better educated and more academic,” Lady Colin Campbell a core fringe of the late Princess Diana told The Independent. “Meghan is almost disturbingly self-confident… We must hope she realizes that her vision is not the only vision.”

Likewise, the royal family is not the right environment to express individuality. “As an actress, Meghan expects perfection,” royal expert Duncan Larcombe told The Sun. “But when you’re in the royal family, you have to learn that it’s not about you, it’s about what you represent.”

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Meghan Markle has been trying to find her footing in LA

With so much happening amid the pandemic, Black Lives Matter, and her privacy lawsuit, the duchess is dealing with a lot. For a moment, it appeared that she was struggling to handle everything on her plate.

 “The legal battle and the increased tension it’s created with the royals due to the information that’s coming out has to be putting a lot of strain on them both, a relative of Meghan’s told the Sunday Mirror. “Meghan’s been a lot more distant and introverted over the last few weeks–her family is worried. And Harry must be tormented by his fractured family ties. He was particularly down on William’s birthday on June 21. Meghan’s fallout with Jessica has hit her really hard and she’s not even been speaking to some of her closest friends She’s shut down—and they think she’s at a loss over who to even trust any longer. “

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Meghan Markle appears to be more confident than ever

Meghan Markle seems to be finding her voice again. After speaking up for Black Lives Matter, and standing up to Mail on Sunday after they threatened to release the names of her friends, the duchess appeared virtually at the  2020 Girl Up Leadership Summit. Meghan spoke about using your voice. She said,

There will always be negative voices and sometimes those voices can appear to be outsized, and sometimes they can appear to be painfully loud. You can and will use your own voices to drown out the noise. Because that’s what it is—just noise. But your voices are those of truth. And hope. And your voices can and should be much louder.

Body language expert Judi James says that Meghan’s “rebranded and redesigned” image proves she’s more confident than ever. “[Meghan’s] fully emerged from the royal experience and is back on track and on form as a confident and inspirational speaker in her own right,” James told Daily Mail. She continued,

The way her cheeks rounded in a calm smile at the start showed happy confidence to be there addressing her young audience and throughout her speech she avoided showboating or over-congruence, both of which are trait-traps that less experienced and less adept speakers often fall into, using over-exaggeration to try to hammer their messages home. Instead, Meghan spoke with a calm and warm tone, using long blinks and a raised index finger to suggest wisdom and empathy. Her finger pinch gesture flagged up precise thought and a desire to give advice from a place of experience and when she pulled her hands into fists she showed a desire to create change She was at her most confident here and the way she ended with a praying hand clasp pointed at the camera means her message of support should have inspired a whole new audience.