Meghan Markle Needs a ‘Rebrand’ After Wearing $400K Worth of Jewelry in Recent Video, Commentator Claims

Meghan Markle stepped down as a senior royal in 2020 and is currently living in California. The Duchess of Sussex has also been trying to establish her brand as a philanthropist, author, and content producer. 

However, according to a royal commentator, Meghan might be going through a “rebrand” in the future to become more relatable than she is now.

Meghan Markle smiling as she visits Nottingham Contemporary
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Meghan Markle wore over $400,000 worth of jewelry to promote her book

In June 2021, Meghan released her first children’s book, called The Bench. The book, which is based on a poem she wrote for Prince Harry, became quickly a New York Times Bestseller.

Meghan recently appeared in a video for Brightly Storytime to read The Bench out loud. She is seen sitting on a chair in an outdoor space. As Meghan reads her book, pictures of the pages appear on the screen.

Although Meghan’s outfit includes a blue button-down shirt and jeans. Although the outfit looks ordinary at first glance, according to Daily Mail, she wore several jewelry pieces that add up to around $400,000 in total. This includes a Cartier Tank watch ($23,000), Cartier Love bracelet ($6,900), Jennifer Meyer mini gold tennis bracelet ($3,000), Lorraine Schwartz pinky ring ($62,000), and her engagement ring ($350,000).

Meghan Markle will reportedly rebrand to become more relatable, royal expert claims

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Royal commentator Neil Sean recently talked about Meghan’s Brightly Storytime video. Sean mentioned that the “expensive jewelry” Meghan donned may have caused her to become less relatable to the public.

“The biggest problem for Meghan and her advisors is how do they make her relatable to the people that they want to buy the book,” Sean said in a YouTube video. “That is the tricky bit.”

Sean added, “Now this particular interview on YouTube saw Meghan looking wonderful, basking in wonderful sunlight… But, of course, as ever, it was drawn to the fact that she was wearing a lot of expensive jewelry and an expensive watch. If you’re trying to sell a book to children, that’s not really relatable.”

According to Sean, Meghan might be “rebranding” herself to become “something of a more warm, comfy, open, relatable author.”

Meghan has a deal with Penguin Random House, and Sean believes she will have more children’s books coming in the future.

Meghan Markle’s popularity has been decreasing

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A rebranding for Meghan could be beneficial, especially since her popularity has been decreasing. According to research firm YouGov, Meghan is currently the second least popular royal—just ahead of the disgraced Prince Andrew.

She has also been criticized for her extravagant lifestyle with Prince Harry. Although they are environmental activists, the couple lives in a $14 million mansion with 16 bathrooms and often travels via gas-guzzling private jets.

In addition to wearing pricey jewelry pieces in a video about her children’s book, Meghan has also been slammed for wearing expensive designer clothes on other occasions. For example, during a three-day trip to Morocco in 2019, she donned over $100,000 worth of clothes. During a recent visit to an underprivileged school in Harlem, Meghan also wore a $5,000 coat.

Additionally, Meghan has also come under fire for being politically active in the United States while using her British royal title.