Meghan Markle Would Not Welcomed Back to the Royal Family If Megxit Fails

Though their official last day as senior working members of the British royal family doesn’t happen for another two weeks, Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex have finished their final royal engagements. After a dizzying schedule that involved reuniting with the royal family and some tearful goodbyes, the Sussexes are back on Vancouver Island in Canada where they are hunkering down out of the spotlight with their son Archie Harrison amid the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Though the duke and the duchess have given us hints about their forthcoming plans, nothing appears to be set in stone at this time. So far, we know that the pair are working on a rebrand. As of April 1, they will no longer be able to use the word royal in their work. However, everything else seems to be under lock and key.

Though the royal family has outlined a business plan if Megxit fails, it’s unlikely that Meghan, Duchess of Sussex will ever be welcomed back into the royal fold.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will be living under a microscope

Though they will no longer be adhering to the pace of royal life, and they have been able to isolate themselves somewhat on Vancouver Island, all eyes are still on the Sussexes. They are taking their time to release their next steps since their post-royal plan will be put under a microscope as soon as it is made public.

Additionally, the royal family will be cataloging every single move the Sussexes make. This could potentially cause the relationship between the couple and the duke’s family to sour even further.

“Putting that 12-month review in place goes to show you that the Queen will be watching them like a hawk,” Julie Montagu Viscountess Hinchingbrooke said in the Channel 5 documentary, Royals: A family in crisis. “She will want to see everything that they are doing, what they are making money from and how it is affecting the Royal Family. So there must be some concern from the Queen about what their intentions are.”

Prince Harry would be welcomed back to the royal family instantly

Most of the fury surrounding Megxit has been aimed at the Duchess of Sussex. She has been blamed for seducing the prince away from his family, and for turning the royal family on its head.

This is unfortunate, considering the fact that it was the sexism and racism that Meghan endured, that forced Prince Harry to decide to prioritize the well-being of his wife and son over royal life. “The decision that I have made for my wife and I to step back is not one I made lightly,” he said during a speech for his charity, Sentebale.“It was so many months of talks after so many years of challenges. And I know I haven’t always got it right, but as far as this goes, there really was no other option. You’ve looked out for me for so long, but the media is a powerful force, and my hope is one day our collective support for each other can be more powerful because this is so much bigger than just us.”

Still, should the prince decide to step back into the royal fold, he would be welcomed back with open arms. “The love this country has for him has never stopped,” royal photographer Arthur Edwards explained to The Sun. “As far as the nation is concerned he is still their number one member of the Royal Family.”

Meghan Markle will never be welcomed back to royal life

Though the Brits insist they are not racist, it’s clear that the duchess would never be welcomed back to royal life should she ever want to return.

“It was clear in her body language, very real, very emotional, very vulnerable,” ABC’s royal expert Omid Scobie said of the duchess appearance at Commonwealth Day. “And so she went from that straight to the Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey. To not see that warm arm of a family member or some kind of welcome or effort being made really gave us our biggest insight into the dynamics of the Sussexes and the royal family and how that’s been for the final couple years. I’ve got to be honest, I was quite surprised that there wasn’t at least a show of warmth in front of the world.”