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The world is obsessed with royals — fans want to know what they eat, what they wear, what they do for fun, and what traditions they uphold. One question people typically don’t ask about royals is, “What do they do for a living?”Because they don’t really have to worry about money — taxpayers and family fortunes take care of that — royals really don’t have to work. But you’d be surprised at how many do. Read on to find out what types of jobs royals have held and about those who still “rebel” against their royal families by working day jobs.

1. Meghan Markle

meghan markle and prince harry
Andy Stenning/AFP/Getty Images

With Prince Harry’s engagement to Meghan Markle appearing in the headlines, you probably know that she is a California native who lived in Toronto, Canada, until recently. What you might not know is that she lived in Canada because of her job. Actress Markle has played Rachel Zane on the U.S. TV show Suits since 2011. She also starred in the sci-fi thriller Fringe and appeared on CSI: Miami. No stranger to the big screen, Markle appeared in Get Him to the Greek, Horrible Bosses, and Remember Me.

Aside from her paid work, Markle serves as the Global Ambassador for World Vision Canada. She also traveled to Rwanda to promote the organization’s Clean Water Campaign. In addition, she visited Afghanistan to support U.S. troops and has participated in a United Nations campaign for gender equality.

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