Meghan Markle Is Teaching Prince Harry How to Get Rid of Fake Friends

Though it’s been just over a month since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their resignation as senior members of the British royal family, a lot has already changed. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been living a relatively low-key and stress-free life on Vancouver Island in Canada.

When the pair originally announced Megxit, they had hoped to continue on as part-time working members of the British royal family. Unfortunately, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles could not authorize such an arrangement. Instead, the duo will be forging ahead with a new fully independent life.

A new part of their strategy is making sure that their inner circle is tight. The duchess has built an extremely close network of friends who are loyal to her. Now, she’s allegedly encouraging Prince Harry to do the same.

Prince Harry was sad to leave royal life, but he felt he had no choice

For Prince Harry, leaving the only life he ever knew was always going to be challenging. However, he refused to allow the duchess and his son, Archie to suffer under the weight of The Crown, the press, and public. “We both do everything we can to fly the flag and carry out our roles for this country with pride,” he revealed in a speech shortly after Megixt.“Once Meghan and I were married, we were excited, we were hopeful, and we were here to serve. For those reasons, it brings me great sadness that it has come to this.”

Thankfully, things are looking up for the pair. “Meghan is so happy,” an insider allegedly explained to US Weekly, “She doesn’t come from millions. She’s worked hard to get to where she is today. Meghan loves the idea of being the breadwinner. She has no plans to do another show like Suits, but Harry’s been encouraging her to do more voice-over work, writing, producing and directing in her free time.” As for Prince Harry, “He’s really excited about the next chapter in their lives.”

Prince Harry had been distancing himself from his friends

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle began dating and eventually got married, the Sussexes apparently realized that certain personal information was being leaked to the British press and public. As a result, they both reportedly began to trim down their friend circles.

“[Prince Harry] has trimmed down his friendship circle. He doesn’t see as much of his old friends as he used to.,”  Katie Nicholl the author of Harry & Meghan: Life, Loss, and Love told in 2018. “I mean his school friends, his friends from Eton and his friends from Ludgrove. He’s very much focused on his marriage and his wife, and it has been a case of some of his friends falling a bit by the wayside. Some of the friends, some of the extended circle were speaking out. It’s very likely that there was a cutting down, an editing of Harry’s friends, and also of Meghan’s.”

Meghan Markle is helping Prince Harry ger rid of unsupportive friends

Markle has learned a major thing about friendship — support and loyalty are paramount. Apparently, Prince Harry is now dealing with a few friends who are questioning him about Megxit. The duchess is reportedly ready to protect her husband’s mental health at all costs.

He wants to purge all the backstabbers who have come out of the woodwork and criticized them since the announcement,” an alleged source exclusively told Radar Online. “Meghan has been helping him delete these people from his life, not just via social media but wiping their numbers and addresses from his contacts book and shredding any photos or letters they may have exchanged over the years.”

We don’t blame the Sussexes for wanting a clean slate.