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Some royal family experts were upset after learning Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would receive a human rights award from Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights. Some experts believe the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have done more harm to the monarchy than good.

After their tell-all Oprah Winfrey interview, public opinion of the couple seemed to take a downturn. One royal expert says Meghan and Harry are so “badly behaved” they make the rest of the royal family look even better.

Meghan and Harry make the royal family look better by ‘behaving badly’ says expert

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry attend the Invictus Games.
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry |  Karwai Tang/WireImage

Columnist David Aaronovitch wrote an opinion piece for The Times, during which he weighed in on Meghan and Harry’s latest moves. He says they are “doing the monarchy a favor” by releasing a tell-all book and Netflix documentary. According to him, their behavior is making the monarchy look good.

Royal commentator Lady Colin Campbell agrees with Aaronovitch. During an interview with GB News host Dan Wootton, she says the duke and duchess make the monarchy look better by “behaving badly.”

“I’ve actually been saying for some time now that Meghan and Harry by being so badly behaved provide an absolute foil for the well-behaved members of the family,” says Campbell. “And in doing so, they bring attention to the good behavior of the others, which might otherwise be ignored. Because good behavior is not something that grabs people’s notice, while bad behavior is.”

‘Not all publicity is good publicity’ says royal expert

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Although Campbell says Harry and Meghan make the royal family look good, she also says they’re “undermining the monarchy” at the same time. According to her, not all of the publicity surrounding the duke and duchess is a good thing.

“Despite the fact that Meghan and Harry are the perfect foil and are in some ways drawing good attention to the family, I think also, not all publicity is good publicity,” says Campbell. “And I think we need to bear that in mind. Because I think Meghan and Harry are also undermining the monarchy in that many people are at least complaining to me, [saying], ‘Why can’t the royal family stop the bad behavior?’”

Campbell says Meghan and Harry are free to do as they please, so the royal family can’t do much about their actions. They have freedom of speech just like everyone else.

“People don’t seem to understand that Harry and Meghan also have human rights,” continues Campbell. “And the royal family is limited as to how it can actually stop disloyal, traitorous members, also defamatory members, of the royal family.”

Kate Middleton looks like ‘a future queen’ says Dan Wootton

Wootton says Harry and Meghan’s behavior highlights how regal Kate Middleton is. He says it’s obvious that Kate is fit to be queen. Wootton compares Meghan’s latest podcast topic with Kate’s recent attendance at a state event.

“Of course, they do have freedom of speech, but I think what’s been so fascinating this week is seeing the contrast,” says Wootton. “So, you’ve got Meghan talking about sluts with her Californian friends on a podcast which is flopping in the charts now because it’s so boring no one wants to listen to it. By contrast, you have Kate, looking like just the picture-perfect future queen, at a state event where she can actually play a role on the international stage.”

Royal commentator Paul Dampier adds to the conversation, saying it’s becoming harder to like the duke and duchess.  Says Dampier, “The more that Meghan and Harry complain and explain what they’re doing—it’s the complete opposite to the queen’s mantra ‘never complain never explain’—the less you like them.”

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